vivo TWS Neo earbuds review

27 July 2020
Vivo did a good job in some fields with its first true wireless earphones but needs to fix its device support.

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  • Elophostia

lawrace, 29 Jan 2021the battery life was very worst 5.5 hours isn't enough for you? You have to be kidding.

  • Ak

I forgot my password key of vivo TWS neo earphones what should I do now

  • Anonymous

can vivo tws neo connect with vivo v19?

  • lawrace

the battery life was very worst

  • M3S4

I think Vivo is on the good path. Gradually improve its quality but the price still not competitive with xiaomi as the same tier brand.

Stop with this nonsense... People buy a deacent pair of earphones such as FiiO FH1s and pair it with a cheap KZ second gen BT neckband and you are good to go.