Gorilla Glass Victus unveiled: survives 2m drops and has twice the scratch resistance

23 July 2020
For comparison, Gorilla Glass 6 only promised to survive drops from 1.6m, competing glasses shatter at just 0.8m, says the company.

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Aluminosilicate is not glass, screens should be called by the correct name. But good improvement!
If Gorilla Glass, one day, turn in a screen protectors i surely will buy one.

  • Eori

They can call it something else other than glass.

  • Dood

iphone screens crack if you just look at them for long enough it seems

meanwhile, I chucked my Xperia against a wall like a frisbee (and in anger, too, with a thin very basic silicone skin), and not a scratch

ergo, it probably does matter what material is used

  • OM

Glass is glass and glass breaks

Means nothing , if it lands on a corner of the phone , it will crack , just another marketing statement smh

Well its a glass so it will do scratches at 6 and deeper at 7.
If they will use something else than just glass it could be better maybe a fake glass i mean theartifical one.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 25 Jul 2020There are inconsistencies in what you say compared to what ... moreIt's obvious that 2021's comment was sarcastic. "Go deeper than mariana trench" and "now you can see your soul" are the clues that his comment was sarcastic. Hence the ridiculous specs. It's not inaccurate, it's meant to be a joke.

  • Andra

They are testing in wrong way. These idiots don't know how to test it. Drop that corner edge should touch yhe surface, in single drop it will break. It's completely cheat testing.

  • Love the Community

2021, 24 Jul 2020new flagship 2021 i foresee -gorilla glass victus front ... moreThere are inconsistencies in what you say compared to what is confirmed in the Tech News. Please study before you say inaccurate stuff like this.

- In 2021, SD875 is the go to name of the processor.
- They'll stick to 144hz or go 165hz. The only 2xx hertz available is 240hz and no inbetweens.
- Highest Ingress Protection can provide for normal smartphones is iP6x (IP65/67/68). There is no such thing as IP7x
- Let Qualcomm announce how far the processor can support these megapixels.
- I gotta agree on the titanium frame. As we learn from Essential PH-1, a cheaper Titanium can still be as cheap as the Series 6000 or 7000 Aluminium or even cheaper the best available Stainless Steel.

Berserker, 24 Jul 2020What a unique overused original comment LOL
Unique and overused, yes. But still true. Doesn't bias on whether ios or android. Also applies on car glass and table glass lol.

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2020Someone on YouTube said that?Yep. Someone on youtube said that.

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2020Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7?Exactly!

it's funny, all the devices with GG that I had somehow broke. Devices with no name glass definitely last the longest for me

  • Anonymous

Simme, 24 Jul 2020HAHAH suuuuure yeah, like all those "gorilla glasses&q... moreThere's a reason the demos are always keys & knives - most (all?) metals are softer than strengthened glass, so they literally can't scratch the screen. SAND is at least as hard as these enhanced glass products, so a bit in your pocket will scratch them up. When Corning demos a Gorilla generation that they rub on sandpaper, THEN your phone screen is safe from scratches.

This is exciting news, especially considering the fact that GG6 has been around for a few years now.

The price for GG6 will drop, making it more affordable for premium mid-rangers, which is great. Xiaomi will probably switch from GG5 to GG6, on next year's premium mid-rangers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2020Corning LIES. Gorilla Glass cheats consumers they said ... moreI don't believe you; please link where Corning made these exact claims for previous generations of Gorilla Glass.

  • Raj

2021, 24 Jul 2020new flagship 2021 i foresee -gorilla glass victus front ... more2299$ only

  • Anonymous

Corning LIES.
Gorilla Glass cheats consumers

they said same thing about GG 1,2,3,4,5 in past.
Just like phone companies claiming better battery life in next phone.

development is good
still waiting for that flexible glass that never leaves crease
I believe that day will come

Salt, 24 Jul 2020How is it unique if it's overused? Pfft. Just like you... moreAnd who are you?