Black Shark 3S to arrive on July 31 alongside a Tencent version

27 July 2020
The customized version is likely to come with pre-installed games and a lower price.

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  • Gerry deleon

When will be the global rom release in the Philippines

  • Anonymous

I got the 2 very pleased with it. Wouldn't mind to get this one for free😁

  • WhySoserious

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Tencent... *sigh* (as a gamer a company I dislike)Im glad that they removed if on the Black Shark 3 Pro global model.

  • Eggsy

I would like to unbox it on my youtube channel

  • Kukishaun

Do redmagic 5s beat Black shark3s in terms of price

  • Anonymous

Tencent... *sigh* (as a gamer a company I dislike)

I got the 2, and I don't consider this necessary