Redmi 9 coming to India on August 4

27 July 2020
The device could make its way as the Redmi 9 Prime.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Dead on arrival, if it doesn't sport Snapdragon 460.....Dude must forget sd460
let's talk about SD662


It will tempt customers a lot to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Indian Option

Does it have Notification Led????
Simple or Color Led
doesn't matter
just use it

it look like will have Prime name

  • Anonymous

Dead on arrival, if it doesn't sport Snapdragon 460.....

  • Anonymous

Redmi phones dont offer the same value for money they did a few years ago. Over the years the specs, build quality and internals have been downgraded while prices have gone up.

So while 2 years ago one would have got a Redmi Note X for 10K INR with metal / glass build a proper Snapdragon processor like a 660 and Sony IMX sensors, today for the same price you get a Redmi X with lower specs, Mediatek budget processor, plastic build, unknown camera sensors and inferior displays that are just not the same.

  • Anonymous

I actually like this phone a lot, more than the note versions. The price is very good for the specs and the ones sold here has nfc.

  • RedVersion

Hoping for a color red version of Redmi 9 not just for India but also for global market. Redmi 9 in red color with 6gb ram + 128gb storage and dual-band for global market would be great.