OnePlus teases Android 11, hints at Always On Display feature

29 July 2020
At the same time, a new OnePlus model running Android 11 has been spotted at Geekbench, it could be the 8T.

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  • Faiz nismilan

Is oneplus 5t get update android 11?

  • Anonymous

Sir one plus7 Android 11 update no comeing in uae

This is the news make ma happy I didn't buy an one plus. In 2020 to not have always on display ?

Always On Display feature? Isn't it already been widely available on Android for quite some time now?

Sense of deja vu' ....Apple 2020 - WIDGETS!!!!!!!! ..................OnePlus - AOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me on my 2017 LG with AOD on an IPS display πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ

  • DFF

AOD have been available for years for root users. It's only consumes a bit a battery and you can always just switch it off.
I love my OnePlus phone, but I have stopped reading most of the OnePlus news, because their hype and trying to get headline every day is getting too much.

  • Wizz

It's funny - Oneplus needs extra powerful chipsets to show AOD, when other companies doesn't :-)

Not at all interested now. Should have came much much earlier.

Next feature to be teased before getting implemented in a year - Dark mode toggle.

these OnePlus folks will literally try to make it to news just about anything.
Look at them being happy and proud for something that they denied for years upon user request and which other brands are offering from years ago... just wow..

J. , 29 Jul 2020After a lot of years waiting... And they have the face to b... moreIt's a huge waste of battery anyway. U get 3-4 hours more battery hours than with it on.

Give us a '10 hours battery' mode instead. We need battery life! Not another battery killer.!

  • Sumit

I think that might be a hint for a smartwatch ?? Cannot be AOD look at tha analogue watch that might be familiar with smartwatch style clock ?? Anyways lets see what it might end too🀞🏻

  • J.

After a lot of years waiting... And they have the face to be happy about that, so bad

It only took five years... gotta love how they promote it (or a lot of other things for that matter) as if it was something unique, groundbreaking and completely new.

  • 1plus8

Each feature of Oneplus is reserved for new flagship which were lying in One UI from decades. Its like giving a rupee to beggar on starving for a week... lol what a misery.

  • Anonymous

Does someone know what special hardware is needed again? I remember when Moto introduced AoD they talked about some special hardware which is needed to make it work without wasting too much battery. Can't be OLED alone as LG had AoD on it's G6 with ISP-display - which was one of the best AoD out there.

  • Anonymous

Better late than never.