Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets a healthy price reduction

27 June, 2012
The carrier-free HSPA+ version of the Google phone can be yours for $349 in the United States.

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  • Anonymous

will i get the charger,headset along with the phone?

  • naveen

alex, yes you can use it worldwide on any carrier.. as says in the article

  • bazinga013

is it available in germany?

  • Alex

If I buy this from USA and take it to India,can I use it ???

  • asif patel

AnonD-62363, 09 Jul 2012when is it coming to indiaaaa???????never cumin to india my frend us an uk onli order 1 in ebay

  • AnonD-62363

when is it coming to indiaaaa???????

  • Joe

Get one before it get banned by apple fangirl judge Koh.

  • Anonymous

Try using something like Shipito.

  • Anonymous

luckily, apple banned this phone in usa, now google will concentrate more on europe and india

  • AnonD-61330

phone will available in india thru rediff online.try google. It's around 26k.

  • GEE

no never buy this phone.... its not good devices
i brought 2 devices and both have power/shut downing problems, and may be many others

  • Avin

Why Google is ignoring the INDIAN market?
Their strategy must be "HIT hard where it hurts most".
In India, smartphone users loves to buy Budget friendly devices, unlike USA.

  • serbia

usa this usa that, google youre totally forgeting europe!

  • sobhan06

INDIA is the major hub for android growth and still google is struggling to push it's unlocked nexus version here;.. gth samsung google !!!

  • Anonymous

Banned in India

  • EdB

I was about to sell my GS2 T989 on Ebay, till I compared the Nexus w/the T-Mobile GS2 & found that I was better off w/what I have.

  • what wow

if only it had hdmi and not mhl...mhl requires a bulky adapter which needs power..thats just not user friendly

also cant go to peoples houses and use their hdmi cables with my key fob mini hdmi adapter...i' have to carry aroudn a big mhl adapter.

  • AnonD-55045

Timmy, 28 Jun 2012Why get this when you can get the Nokia Lumia 900 flagship for v... moreTo avoid getting into a dead platform, to have access to the latest apps in the market, to multitask with your phone, to avoid being stuck in a two year contract with a phone that will be obsolete in 3 months. If you really want a WP handset, wait for WP8 to come out later this year. They will heavily subsidize those handsets since they'll be building an ecosystem from zero all over again. He who buys a Lumia 900 today is extremely unwise. And we are yet to see if WP8 users will get real support during those 18 months.

  • nobody :(

So unfair!!!
Google chose to ignore the rest of us!!!

  • Shinigami

$349 for a phone you can't have! Nice move, Google!
For your info: you can't buy it outside of USA and even if you buy it within USA, you'll still have to pay taxes, so its price will still be higher than those $350. But there's still hope average price of this device will still drop some.