Weekly poll: is the new Oppo Reno4 Pro any good?

02 August 2020
That Snapdragon 720G chipset will be a deal breaker for many, others will enjoy the 6.5" 90 Hz AMOLED and 65 W charging and not care.

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  • Voyayger

PlayerDead, 02 Aug 2020INR 34,990 for a SD720 phone. For the same price I can g... moreThen, instead of a last year phone like oneplus 7T, you could get the Asus Zenfone 7 with SD 865 for ₹ 36,000-37k, it will be this year's 'Flagship killer' Killer. Since ZFone 6 was launched for ₹ 34k last year, ZF 7 won't go beyond 37k. Plus ZenUI is almost like clean stock Android.

I chose: No, there are better alternatives out there

For the price come, I would prefer Oppo R17 Pro. Old product but still new in the box, price had gone down. Also it comes with SuperVOOC. Forgeg about 5G, no all countries ready for internet 5G.

macavity, 03 Aug 2020pretty much every part of the world other than poland will ... moreheadphone jack, faster charging, sd card slot, single punch hole in the display = for the reno

15% faster SoC, glass back= for the nord

Things that depend on personal taste: flat vs curved display, picture and video quality, heavier vs lighter phone

Things we still don't know price for the reno, battery endurance for the nord or how do the displays compare (brightness, gamma and such).

So in my opinion if the reno 4 pro is the same price as the nord I can see many people choosing the reno if it fits their needs better.

Definitely I'll prefer the super curved brightest amoled display, fast charging, ultra light & slim form factor, 3.5mm jack, single punch hole camera over a 15% better processor on onepplus nord for 5k extra

  • macavity

K20, 02 Aug 2020Awesome phone, much better than the overhyped OnePlus Nord. pretty much every part of the world other than poland will not get the 765g version with a rather expensive price. Not a nord fan but how is it better?

I take the fast charge, rest they can keep themselves... 👍🏻

  • Anonymous

too many versions and SoC variability.
oppo anyway has poor custom ROM support, this makes it worse.
xiaomi remains THE value king with a great dev community.

K20, 02 Aug 2020Awesome phone, much better than the overhyped OnePlus Nord. Agreed, used to be a big 1+ fan up to the 6T

  • Anonymous

Except 10x zoom reno all oppo arevcraps. They think they have high end cam.. just look at this samsung m31s has better camera at half its price. Reno series are useless.

  • Anonymous

It is expensive more than its worth.

  • N9 User

The Guesser Leakster, 02 Aug 20202020 and 2019 is the most dissaponting and the most fun yea... more"Who the hell needs gimmick macro and depth cameras?".

IDK about these OP, but the 2mp macro on the OP Nord is a gimmick because it doesn't achieve better results than just cropping in on the main cam.
But a good macro camera is useful for me for;
Gardening: identifying good & bad insects on plants.
Small print on medicines, ingredients, instructions, textiles, peripheral spec of charger mAh, etc.
If a macro cannot beat a zoom/ crop on a main wide or ultrawide with AF, then yes, it's a gimmick.

  • Anonymous

I would buy this phone only for 2 things its curved display and super charging if it what all you want its decent buy for that money as there are no phones available currently at that price point which has curved screen.

  • K20

Awesome phone, much better than the overhyped OnePlus Nord.

  • Anonymous

Pro 5

  • AnonD-947371

Ah yes, Chinese phone manufacturers' naming schemes, you gotta love 'em

I think it's a fine phone for the money. It's no value champ but does the essentials right. Personally I wouldn't buy it but the people who will buy I am sure they will like it.

  • Anonymous

AhmedSLL, 02 Aug 2020Useless poll, since when oppo was known for value for money... moreCouldn't agree more

Useless poll, since when oppo was known for value for money, most of the people they target have never heard of gsmarena and usually know nothing about smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is a better deal than Oppo Reno 4 Pro.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020I am not paying for their advertising costs. Well then buddy have fun looking for companies that don't do any advertising so you don't have to pay for it.
While you're at it, why not also look for a company that doesn't do any sort of R&D so you don't have to cover those costs either huh?