Weekly poll results: OnePlus Nord fails to live up to the hype

02 August 2020
There are those who think it's perfect the way it is, but the majority is disappointed in OnePlus' mid-ranger.

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Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020Macro is usefulNot at 2mp. its not

  • Anonymous

Redbaron, 02 Aug 2020One plus Nord is a case of quantity over quality I would r... moreDesigned in California and made in China...

It is 50% Chinese bruh

  • StanB

I would not buy any of OnePlus phones (not just Nord) only because their size - most smaller screen is 6,44", which is unusable by one hand. So I rather buy Pixel or iPhone, or even some Samsung, just because this reason

  • Anonymous

One plus Nord is overpriced phone

  • Badliar

Is it possible to connect every Bluetooth headphones with OnePlus nord

They'd been better off re-inventing the OnePlus X for a rev2, taking that name design and excelling with it in my opinion. Folks that know oneplus knew and know the X plus they have been around that long that they could even recommend a X v2. I guess their investor had other marketing plans with "Nord"? Oddly satisfying to see it either way.

The Nord. It just so reminds me of The Noid back in the 80s for Domino's pizza commercials. I guess even the name was not interesting enough.

I mean, how can anyone answer this? It's not even widely released yet is it? I had been set on 4a to replace my aging Pixel 2 but after all the delays I decided to wait and see what Google does later in the year.

The Nord however, if it's camera is acceptable, is a potential handset for me - that blue is just phenomenal!

Dear 1+, xiaomi has better phones for the price or same specs for lower price. A complete package with headphone jack and stereo speakers would be better.

  • SH

KwantowyYebaka, 02 Aug 2020you can see that you do not know this brand, oneplus 5 gets... moreOneplus 5 got updates? Bruh, visit their community forum and check for 5/5T users feedback about the "update"..

Haven't tried or owned a flagship Huawei phone yet?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Okay then let's replace 5g with 4g, fluid amoled displ... moreReplace a phone with a brick... You just removed all the attractiveness of the phone.

  • Anonymous

if this phone came out maybe 2-3 years ago it would have been more popular but now ?? forget it lol... xiaomi has way better phones for that same price range....

  • chets

Shinichi, 02 Aug 2020I guess price is the matter here...just think if it was pri... morecompletely agree

  • Anonymous

*******STOP COPYING APPLE*******
3.5mm jack is missing, with the reasoning of bigger battery, with 4115mah.??? No 3.5mm jack is deal breaker. Below 500€\$ you can't ask 70$ for wireless earbuds. They removed included earbuds, then headphone jack, what is next, the charger (oh right, appple) even with apple you get induction charging for simultaneous charging & earbud use. Android users can jump ship(there are many) just like thanos(in a snap) you just need to have the stones for it.

  • Dibyayan

If the proce would be 19999rs then it would have been much better because as compared to K 20 pro...k20 pro has a larger processor and screen in less price than nord.

  • jNO

Today the pixel 4a is launching at $350. I can now smile all the way to the store. Oneplus killed its brand name, period.

  • Anonymous

Shinichi, 02 Aug 2020I guess price is the matter here...just think if it was pri... moreOkay then let's replace 5g with 4g, fluid amoled display with lcd. Now go buy.

  • Kimmyb

Very disappointing. Definitely no flagship killer like it used to be. Very much a budget phone. The 7t would be my pick.

  • TheUntold

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020I am buying nord to save extra bucks to buy a Go Pro Hero 8... moreI would recommend you wait for the Pixel 4a which is slated to launch at 349$ or 25k inr.Much better camera, software support and as a bonus ,has a headphone jack.