Caviar goldsmiths are ready to craft a $23,380 iPhone 12 Pro covered with engraved gold

31 July 2020
And a few diamonds for good measure. If that seems too pricey, the Carbon and Titanium models look almost affordable in comparison.

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  • Wireless Sales Guy

Its not robbery if some idiot with loads of cash has it and purchases it smh

  • salty mc salt salt

CptPower, 03 Aug 2020The only premium brand on planet is Vertu apple is nothing ... morevertu is overpriced GARBO/ noone with a brain would use it/

apple has a great ecosystem/ and device and compatibility/ plenty of quality products/ components are made in china/ designed in west/

stop being a hater its not a good look/
we see you

Adam abouhalima, 31 Jul 2020They just want to be a "premuim brand" thats itThe only premium brand on planet is Vertu apple is nothing but a china made low quality device but due to an apple billions marketing and advertising everywhere they can sell even rotten apples for a price of real diamonds.

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020iPhones aren't made on another planet using alien meta... moreExactly but Apple and Caviar would love to rob you so hence the price.

  • Anonymous

How about safety? These 'russian' iphones could reach hands of hackers while being equipped with all the gold and stuff. Rich ppl would be the main target for such attacks.

  • Dani


  • Anonymous

It is not wrong to buy expensive gadgets like this. For those who feel sorry to pay this much, Just keep earning. Once you know that you should reward yourself something that very less people can afford, it is one of life success.

  • AnonD-947580

YUKI93, 01 Aug 2020Even if I can afford those covers, I'm not sure if I w... moreI would rather donate the money to cancer patients, kids in warzones etc. I would feel very bad for spending that amount of money on something like that.


They're not goldsmiths. This is MACHINED from poorly fitted parts using downloaded designs they STEAL on places like deviant and other places.

Everyone knows this is a "cheap" grab of attention. Billionaires use phones covered in diamonds SMH

  • MrDong

Blackkk Mamba , 01 Aug 2020No one cares about updates on Android. Android is light ye... moreNo one cares about updates on Android....wait you serious? 🙉

  • HumansVeryDummmm

The market of this is not the self-made rich. It is for their children and later generations, and relatives. Those who were born with the silver spoon and do not understand the value of money.
We are living in the times of insane income inequalities. For some 25k is pocket change. And for some it is more than all they could earn in their long long lives.

YUKI93, 01 Aug 2020Even if I can afford those covers, I'm not sure if I w... moreEven if you're a billionare who just doesn't have anything to do with money?
You can buy a house on each island, every country, every koenigseg and bugatti ferrari whatever. You're left with 200m and just about everything a man can own.
What's next? This type of stuff

Andreidinutu, 31 Jul 2020Yeah it's great to have, makes you look like a person ... moreEven if I can afford those covers, I'm not sure if I want to.

PepperPot, 01 Aug 2020This is stupid, but it speaks to the brand appeal of iphone... moreFoldable screen smartphones will take a lot more time to refine the whole concept. Right now, it's not for the faint-hearted.

LG Superfan, 01 Aug 2020Honestly the Titanium one looks coolikr, I want to see carbon fibre and titanium to be more common on a phone.
idk about how good are those material to dissipate heat from the phone, tho.

Honestly the Titanium one looks cool

Here I was thinking that normal iPhones were already expensive. (Yes I get that gold is expensive and valuable but still)

  • Blackkk Mamba

MrDong, 01 Aug 2020Same with Samsung. And hey it only gives you 2 major update... moreNo one cares about updates on Android.
Android is light years ahead of iOS in terms of features, stability, functionality, user experience, customizability, etc.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 01 Aug 2020Realizing that the materials on the back alone is already m... moreThe gold may make the phone worthy to be sold again in the future, so it's not that useless. Many people buy gold jewelries as consideration for investment, too. Sure, 18 carat may not be as expensive as 22 or 24 carat, but gold is still gold and there are always someone (gold store) who wants to buy gold for investment.