First mention of Google “Pixel 5a” appears in AOSP

1 August 2020
Google may plan to launch such a phone next year, but when?

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Is it not an oled display, why a rear fpr?

Google is not serious about their hardware devision. They underestimate their strength as iphone competitor by not venturing in hardware division fully.

  • Anonymous

Talking about smartphones that exist only on paper. Or so called "leaks".
They will launch eventuly. But do people care so much? Especialy in Europe. I didn't see Pixels selling in Europe.
And if thet ate, I bet they are overpriced. More oveepricrd than in the US.

  • Anonymous

It looks much much better than every nokia and samsung midrangers. Welldone google. Just bring us the ultrawide camera. ❤

what the... 4a hasn't released yet LOL....

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One of the world's best technological company struggling to find its place in mobile market especially choosing a design which pleases the masses.