Apple vendors and Samsung among the 22 companies applying for India's $6.6B PLI Scheme

01 August 2020
The incentive program that aims to encourage local smartphone and electronics production is estimated to create 1.2 million jobs total.

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  • Anonymous

A Realist Common Man, 03 Aug 2020All these are fine. but the proof of the pudding is in the ... moreAs someone who is a vendor to all these companies, I can assure you things are really moving forward

  • A Realist Common Man

All these are fine. but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
We have heard many a catchy slogan and seen good eye catching headlines for the past six years, but all over there has only been negativity, be it employment, education, health and wealth;not to mention the growing disharmony between people and communities.
Overall there's an increase of loss and desperation among the youth in particular and the general peace loving common man.

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LolAtYourNAME, 02 Aug 2020Ahh haters...I am sure you are not actually Indian, but are... moreNot sure why anybody would be jealous of India though...

Go India go. Biggest challenge to the bully China

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I will never buy those if made in India

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Trollhammeren, 02 Aug 2020Hopefully they will keep all that "quality" India... moreI hope so, also export is not possible because india doesn't have proper Trade Agreement with EU.

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iRajApple, 02 Aug 2020Mostly this is longterm Corruption will kill half the growthwhy does one have to be so least the effort looks genuine

  • Anonymous

Six months from now, all 6 billion would be withdrawn citing lack of resources (lithium), lack of talent (precision chip making), govt interference (bribe) , high cost of production (land, tax), labour environment ( labour unions and laws). Poof... Everyone here is a middleman and no one wants to produce anything. Thats why software took off as a services sector. 25 years and there not one worldwide famous software from likes of so-called India's bellwether top record-profit-reporting companies Infosys, wipro, TechMahindra etc. The commission-agent behaviour is ingrained in the people.

Hopefully they will keep all that "quality" Indian merchandise and not export it to Europe...

Mostly this is longterm

Corruption will kill half the growth

FAKU MUDIZI 56, 01 Aug 2020Actually FDI into China increased from 7 to 8.2% last quart... moreGlobal Times from China sourcing all your stories I believe!! Egypt can have 300 Rafels but what about their ammunition? Do they have any of the missiles that India has? FDI inflow to India not at the perils of exposing their IPs for duplication. India does not compete by copying tech. In the Software world India has moved ahead since late 90s of pirated editions to licensing software unlike China.

GET REAL , 01 Aug 2020It won't happen in india ever, because india is going ... moreThans for rubbish at its finest.

The majority of China rivers are flooding right now and entire regions within the central and southern province have been submerged. Many dams and reservoirs have completely collapsed. Flood damage in China is in the region of $200-500 Billion with entire cities underwater. China has witnessed the worst floods in the last century. And majority of the poor, that constitute its workforce have been left without houses or belongings.

Plus Covid and the way china tried to hide the whole Covid thing has cause severe loss of investor sentiment. Many countries are loving completely out of China tonother asian countries and south American.

Chinese unemployment as admitted by the PM himself says that millions of people are unemployed and a firm had recorded it at over 20%, until it was quickly retracted.

Plus it's skirmishes with all asian countries is ensuring that it will be fighting a war with atleast 7 countries for the next decade if not longer.

There is also a growing discontent against the party leadership with an uprising in the offing.

You're just making up random figures. Please get up and smell the coffee.

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LolAtYourNAME, 02 Aug 2020Ahh haters...I am sure you are not actually Indian, but are... morethere are estimated 800 million people under poverty in India and is estimated to reach 1 billion by 2030 - IMF April 2020

  • Tru

FAKU MUDIZI 56, 01 Aug 2020Actually FDI into China increased from 7 to 8.2% last quart... moreIt's you who is faking, India's FDI is increasing from last 6/7 years. Definitely this year it will decrease.

  • LolAtYourNAME

[deleted post]Ahh haters...I am sure you are not actually Indian, but are just jealous.

Hello Life, 01 Aug 20201 dollar per day? This is not India from 2000. Last I check... moreTBH, it is possible to get feed, twice a day, with a dollar.

  • Siebel

Raman, 02 Aug 2020"22 companies have submitted applications for the ince... moreChina doesn't need to invest in India. China is a great country & a great manufacturing hub & why spend money on labour & new infrastructure cost, when back home you have some "special" muzlims that you can exploit for free & then in the end, even harvest their parts. Just look at the ROI !

  • Raman

"22 companies have submitted applications for the incentive scheme with Chinese makers under the BBK wing (Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, vivo) missing from the list..."
The Chinese have shown their true face. Xiaomi, Realme reached heights because of Indian customers & even OnePlus also makes a huge share of sales from here, thats why the lower prices compared to US & EU, but when it is time to invest & collaborate with the local manufacturers, they go into hiding.
From now on, will only buy phones from Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony , Apple & Asus.

  • Anonymous

Looks good on paper, and I wish it served the people well. But the people who know...know that this is same as beating a drum for poitical mileage while handing over a load of tax payer rupees to some of the most vicious sweatshop enterprises in the world.

Now Apple and it's OEMs are some of the worst min-maxers when it comes to stock prices and employees payout. They would rather work with the enemy (China) and save a few measly bucks and keep that profit margin on point rather than open manufacturing plants in the US and pay proper US prices to their workers. And these companies are going to bail out the unemployed Indian middle class? Lol ok.
And how's that Foxconn Wisconsin plant coming along? Is that subsidised vacant lot creating all those jobs?

But bottom line is that per capita, India is one of the most corrupt country in the world. Corruption and bribes have become so endemic in India that it's taken for a fact of life, no one even consider's paying the "babus" cash under the table to simply do their job as corruption, it's a part of the application now. Add that to no proper infrastructure, no high speed transport channels, utter mess of a customs/import-export frameworks, no trade deals worth their salt with other major players, no work ethics in the ground line workers and always being at the whim and fancy of whoever the local state and central government is (for example West Bengal > Tata nano factory ; Vodafone > retroactive taxes ; HAL > Tejas debacle) does not paint a nice picture about working in India. At all.

What India needs the most right now are silicone foundaries. But imagine having to invest billions of USD into a place that does not get proper or foolproof electricity, where workers can contaminate entire wafers because they don't know the E of Ethics or where one politically motivated workers' strike can set the foundry back Years since they will need to discard the entire stack of half processed batches...yeah, good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020GUARDIAN news paper said ,Poverty in india is back to 1990s... moreGuardian is simply lying. No two ways about it.