The Pixel 4a fabric cases are made from recycled materials, they are machine washable to boot

04 August 2020
70% of the final case comes from recycled sources (water bottles mostly). 

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Duck of death, 04 Aug 2020Selling lies about caring for the environment. Everything i... moreManufacturing using reclaimed materials is more expensive anyway. It's also not the only case that'll work on the phone so that you're stuck to buying this one. Not buying a case is environmentally sustainable, but if you must... well, you have something to consider.

Selling lies about caring for the environment. Everything is made with profits in mind, bundles a novelty accessory to pretend they care.
These trillion dollar corporations like Google and Apple needs to be regulated yesterday.

"The official fabric cases for the Pixel 4a are made out of 70% recycled materials"

Oh great. So are they going to be 70% cheaper then too?. Nah, didn't think so

Notesh, 04 Aug 20202 discarded plastic bottles make 5 cases and then Google ch... moreI assume it's not about material itself but the production technology involved - it's likely far easier to just cast the case from regular plastic granules than have to go through the process of recycling the bottles.

Anyway, I'm not some greenpeace head but I get it. I mean, OnePlus charges 30€ for a basic plastic cases that were designed by some hipsters, so a bit more for a something that actually helps the environment isn't that bad.

It's not a 4th color there are 7 cases, 3 recycled and 4 standard

but are they 100% vegan and environmentally friendly? Otherwise I don't want it.

What a monstrosity.

40$ or 45€ hahaha
Bro we romanians have income like africans and we get prices 20% higher than americans

2 discarded plastic bottles make 5 cases and then Google charges you 40$?

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Good initiative. If only the Pixel phones were as competitive as phones from other manufacturers regarding pricing.