Snapdragon 720G-powered Oppo Reno4 Pro now available for purchase

05 August 2020
It features a 90Hz curved AMOLED display, sports 48MP quad camera, and packs a 4,000 mAh battery with 65W fast charging support.

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  • UsmanHSh

No phone in Reno series after reno2 seems worth the money

Reno 3 pro and reno 4 pro don't match the cameras of reno 2. No OIS, No telephoto lens, even removing the popup selfie cam is a cost cutting move (though I agree sliding camera's were a fad and not durable). That could be justified if they improved elsewhere

Mediatek Chipset was a downgrade compared to SD730G in Reno 2, so they bought back the 95 percent same chip SD720G in the Reno4 pro. Where's the upgrade over 2 generations, only making phones obsolete quickly?

The only worthy improvement they brought in Reno 4 pro is faster fast charging.

Just like A52/A92, launched A5/A9 2020, changed the shape a bit and launched new model within months at the same / lower price. Cost cutting by removing proprietary tech (Atmos) and added / enabled their in house / chipset based fast charging.

Now those who bought A5/A9 2020 are stuck with a devices obsoleted by the manufacturer, and most of the world has't even received the promised android 10 update.

Not a single phone which supports a good chipset for it's price. Reno 4 pro should have SD765, Reno 3 with P90 should have 720 and F15/A92 should have G90T. SD665 is okayish for A52 but Mediatek G70/G80 is probably cheaper with better performance.

And even with low end chipsets, no oppo phone in 2020 has a glass back.
unlike Xiaomi with GG5, GG6 build on redmi note series.

  • S4singh

Oppo lost his senses of market... There are so many options with 720G processor with almost half the price..... Just for curved screen they are charging double the money of competitors.

"The international unit doesn't support 5G networks and is powered by the Snapdragon 720G SoC instead of the Snapdragon 765G"

big yikes. dead on arrival.

  • Anonymous

Old SoC a zero interest

This is €5 more expensive than the Nord and honestly for the sake of spending an extra €5 it's a no brainer to get the Nord. The only thing this phone has over the Nord is a headphone jack

iRajApple, 05 Aug 2020This is priced above Nord. Seriously who will buy thisand it has sd 720. the answer is almost nobody.

This is priced above Nord.

Seriously who will buy this

  • Anonymous

This looks like a deal even worse than the Nord. At least the OnePlus has 765G at a lower price than this