Samsung Galaxy Watch3 come with more features, LTE variants in both sizes

05 August 2020
The wearables come to complement the daily routines and lifestyle of a typical Galaxy user.

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Yeahh.. Nah. Where's the version with the rubber strap? Leather straps are absolute rubbish and how can you take that swimming??? Geeeez Samsung you lost the plot

  • Spike

Will wait for the new 4100+ watches and see. I wish it looked more manly

Samsung is absolute nuts, prices are proper midrangers, Samsung definitely lost reality with the prices

  • Anonymous

Way too close to Apple Watch in price to get a lot of sales. And the next Apple Watch is just around the corner....

What is Samsung thinking?

  • Anonymous

Does it have a dual time feature like a GMT watch? and would be able to display both times on one screen at the same time?

  • Anonymous

State with the other an abject failure of the S10 series Samsung still hasn't figured out pricing especially during a pandemic and has come out with watches and phones that are way out range an actual downgrades spec-wise this is going to be a disaster of a quarter from them unless they're mid-range 5G phones sell well through the carriers they are pretty much screwed

I never understood the downgrade on ram and battery? Gear s3 had bigger battery. Galaxy watch had 1.5gb ram.

And where's the titanium version?

  • Anonymous

Will it finally be able to connect to LTE variant of Tab S7 ?

  • Anonymous

400 euro for a smart watch is crazy no matter how good it is. You could buy a decent midrange like Pixel 4a for such money. :/

All I really want to know is whether Samsung brings back the MST compatibility for Samsung Pay on the new Galaxy Watch3. It's about time the Gear S3 receives a substantial upgrade without feature downgrade.

Ridiculous price £399 in UK for the 41mm. They might aswell call Samsung Watch 6, it's got the Apple price but nowhere near the specs of apple watches . Big disappointment