Google Pixel 4a in for review

05 August 2020
The Google Pixel 4a makes the mid-range Pixel offering greater.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020I know it has AOD, but typical AOD sucks. Nothing is mor... moreYou don't know what you are talking about. True AOD allows you to look at the phone from any distance and see if you have notifications, without interacting with your phone in any way, and it's the only way to replace a notification LED. Motorola and other surrogates are a joke.

  • Jithu

I'm waiting for your review video. When you guys gonna upload it?

  • Dooooooom

When is the review expected to go up?

  • Hareesh

What kind of speakers are using in these mobile,
and is it supports Dolby sound ?

  • Ayush Parashar

VeeranSayee, 07 Aug 2020I PRAY to God that it's around the 20k-21k INR price r... moreits like 36 or 37k pal

  • Anonymous

VeeranSayee, 07 Aug 2020I PRAY to God that it's around the 20k-21k INR price r... moreLol, it would cost around 30-35k

  • VeeranSayee

Please do the comparison with Poco X2, Moto one plus fusion, Galaxy M31/M31s and others with similar specs. After all this is gonna compete with them, rather than 1+ Nord imo

  • VeeranSayee

I PRAY to God that it's around the 20k-21k INR price range. I Absolutely love the phone, I hope to see that in its pricing as well

  • John

Hello, i have a Samsung galaxy S9, quite similar to the pixel 4a in terms of size, but can you give me your feeling in hand ? and compared to s9 ? i'll probably switch to the google experience

  • Anonymous

AdamF, 06 Aug 2020Struggling to see how this can beat the Feb 2019 Galaxy S10... moreit cost much less then 10e. about 150 euros less in some country's

Fitbri, 06 Aug 2020It's only just been released. Needs chance to be out t... moreNeeds chance - yes, but the track record is uninspiring.
Selfie camera can be stored in a teardrop notch - still looks better than hole-punch. Of course one can get used to different thing, but still.

MRDA, 06 Aug 2020Please do a detailed overview of both wired headphone sound... moreI hope they do, despite GSM Arena having discontinued those tests .

Andy, 06 Aug 2020the audio jack quality! does it have a in-built dac?I was hoping for a flagship grade quad DAC on this model.

Is no one going to talk about 143gm? That's the lightest phone in market.
Compact Phone factor squeezing in 5.8 is also commendable

  • Anonymous

How to have 4 icons in a row on google phone?

Akira Kurou, 06 Aug 2020I think the audio performance will be similar to the 3a/3a ... moreThanks for the tips. I will have a look at the 3/3a reviews.
I was actually leaning towards the Sony Xperia 5 before release of the Pixel 4a. I have not owned an LG phone before. I will take a look at them.

It will be interesting to see the battery rating , we never knew the rating for the 3a but it seemed very good.

  • Anonymous

raben, 06 Aug 2020please compare photos and videos with OnePlus Nord as well ... moreI don't think one plus nord is in this race
Because we are talking about compact phones

Battery life, as always. And camera speed.

  • Anonymous

Nick, 06 Aug 2020+1 for 4a vs Nord vs SE! Please pay attention to performan... moreNord shiny grease back and busy.. skip for punchy pocket pixel