Instagram officially launches Reels in attempt to take on TikTok

06 August 2020
It is already available in 50 countries and regions.

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  • Tech Scnz

Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Increased $100 Billion After Launching Instagram Reels 

  • Anonymous

China has banned Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Gmail, YouTube, Google apps, Google Play etc... They have kept American apps due to security laws.

Most foreign companies struggle to get a foothold in China.

I guess the Americans, are doing the same to TikTok and banning them from the US market.

  • Anonymous

It's just a matter of letting either USA or China know what where when which why how of your internet affairs.

Make a separate app
Dont kill awesomme instagram

  • Anonymous

Stop it, really not a second cringy place like tiktok. Most ticktok content is full of stupidity and annoyance. Mayy lower your kid IQ.

  • Anonymous

Just make it a seperate app. I don't want to see those sometimes annoying videos on my Instagram feed.

Joplin, 06 Aug 2020Trump is wrong mostly, BUT unknowingly, this time he has do... moreTikTok privacy is exactly the same as the likes of Facebook and Google. And the Reddit poster making those claims never backup them up and now can't be reached.

  • Anonymous

Joplin, 06 Aug 2020Trump is wrong mostly, BUT unknowingly, this time he has do... moreyou forgot spyware FarceBook, Google data collecting machine Ayyyy

Zoick, 06 Aug 2020Copycats rarely succeeds. To be fair, TikTok was virtually 100% copycat of Vine and they had a massive success... But yeah a 3rd Vine sounds a bit too much.

The way I see it:
Vine: An exotic meal that happens to taste great so you take leftover home
TikTok: A leftover that you get for breakfast that still tastes great, or even better once you 'matured' it in the fridge over night.
Reels: A leftover of a breakfast leftover that lost its taste and you only eat it because there's nothing else in the fridge.

  • anonymous

American Google, Apple, Facebook, et al. know more about your dark secrets than your Mom and Dad. LOL. The Chinese government and their laws have NO value or jurisdiction here in America. Furthermore, the Chinese and US don't share personal data and/or secret recipe.

  • Joplin

Trump is wrong mostly, BUT unknowingly, this time he has done the right thing. Those who think TikTok is not a Security & Privacy nightmare, read these 2 posts by security researchers:
--Privacy Analysis of Tiktok’s App and Website [ ]
--Reddit post on TikTok's analysis ( )

  • anon

LOL. When USA can't compete, they ban. LOL.

Remember the time when Japanese cars and stuff suck in America? The Jap started kicking some a55. Then American companies ask the government for assistance and welfare. LOL.

Yay, a function that will work perfectly on iPhones and be absolute crap on Android's..

  • Anonymous

Zoick, 06 Aug 2020Copycats rarely succeeds. Instagram copied Snapchat. They succeeded at that one.

  • .alpha

All have Trump's national security bans have been to help US based company competing with more innovative Chinese companies. It used to be the other way around in the 90s' and 2000s'

  • Rajveer

It's not like TikTok invented the concept of these annoying short 10 seconds video. Vines did this way earlier. They just copied Vines, & perfected the recommendation algorithm even more to make people addicts to their app. But, they're acting as if they have discovered the atom.
All of these apps & the content is cringy anyway.

  • Jimmie

Lol..Life has come full circle for China. They used to ban everyone and copy their products. Now, they have been answered in their own style.

Huh, I don't personally like instagram and I hate tiktok. Guess now I'm staying away from it for good

  • Zoick

Copycats rarely succeeds.

  • Alex

Why not samsung in pictures?