Microsoft is now looking to acquire TikTok's global operations

07 August 2020
The Financial Times report that the US software giant wants to add India and Europe to the initially reported markets.

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stobs, 07 Aug 2020and what about China? they've been doing the same thin... moreIm guessing youre typing that with your "MAGA" tshirt and cap on

When ever I run TikTok, my phone heats up, battery drops fast and it eats up my data.

I don't have this problem with YouTube.

China has banned Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Gmail, YouTube, Google apps, Google Play etc... They have kept American apps out, by trying to make them comply with Chinese security laws.

Most foreign companies struggle to get a foothold in China.

Samsung has a 1% market share in China.

Americans, are doing the same to TikTok and banning their apps from the US market on national security ground. TikTok will still work in other countries.

Microsoft will ruin TikTok, like the ruin everything they have touched in recent years.

Twitter may be a better owner.

  • 30 years of naivety

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Trump is becoming more like Kim Jong-un with each passing d... moreOn whether Trumps doing this for the good of the country and I hate to say this because trumps a joke in every way, but imo he is, but it's his military/CIA advisors that are pushing for it, they know what China is and it's USSR MK2 and guess what without the US and Europe, China would still be stuck back in the '80s. It's all about the past 3 years of globalization & Capitalism and the need to make goods cheaper and cheaper in the west, created a beast in the east.
So many industries from all over the west were lost to China because of this economic theory, basically just because they have more people and pay cheap wages. It must have seemed great for both sides at the beginning but the west have seriously been massively naive about what they were helping to create.

It was also India that went after TikTok first not the US, so there''s no smoke without fire.

In the '80s china was still recovering from a massive famine that killed about 20 million but through decent leadership, they knew they had one commodity, cheap labor, which they started exploiting during that period onwards, making cheap crap In the '90s. everyone remembers when made in China was a byword for cheap and cheerful, how things have changed to some extent.
By the 2000's they were copying and stealing IP's from the west and no one really took them seriously. Here's an example, In the UK when they were installing their 3G technology, they had GEC (Marconi) the once biggest Technology company in the world in the '80s and '90s, until it's head man died and it started to lose it's once unmatched strength, Erikson, Fujitsu and a little known company from China called Huawei, to choose from. Huawei had little experience but would do some of the installations cheap, guess what the labor Party did? you'd think it'd give the billions of pounds contract to Marconi a British company, like other countries, would have done. Which would have turned Marconi around completely but no, they were short-sighted and choose Huawei. You might think so what but that's just a snapshot of how China went from destitute in the '70s/80's to suddenly being a threat to the USA. Now 15 years later China's become a superpower and the west let it happen. It couldn't have happened without the west wanting thing made cheap, and that's the things China has got in abundance, billions of people.

A lot of Microsoft employees might resign.

matymad, 08 Aug 2020TikTok is a GREAT platform. And now is it banned in the US ... moretiktok is a yuck platform but otherwise, lol! :D :D

Eng2012, 07 Aug 2020True, but Australia used to spy our past president phones b... moreeach and every app/game released in China needs to have explicit approval from the Chinese Govt. Apple didn't give a darn about it for a long time but recently was forced to pull out several hundreds of apps from its china app store as they were not approved by the Chinese yet. see anything like that in the US? you generally have bans only for excessively explicit or hateful content. utter hypocrisy.

Eng2012, 07 Aug 2020True, but Australia used to spy our past president phones b... morei don't really agree with what you say - though you're not completely wrong, you're not completely right either.

stobs, 08 Aug 2020you don't need to be 'sorry' to say that - i... morealso, if you observe closely, i'm typically most strongly against those hypocritical comments that glorify China and present it as an utopian land or try to play down the reality of what kind of country it is. at the same time, i don't give US any leeway either when someone overly praises those tech companies or their Govt, as they're no saints either.

[deleted post]you don't need to be 'sorry' to say that - i am openly against the hypocrisy of certain people and websites who don't know the kind of (un?)deserved freedom they're all enjoying. I'm sure they'd all be better off in China.

  • matymad

TikTok is a GREAT platform. And now is it banned in the US because of "security" concerns....

US has been spying everyone for many years. They want to be the only ones spying other countries. So sad

Vegetaholic, 07 Aug 2020It just shows how stupid world is, such app likes this gene... moreactually its quite impressive that such a useless thing would make money

stobs, 07 Aug 2020and what about China? they've been doing the same thin... moreI'm sorry to say this, but if you're desperate enough to bring up China whenever you see a criticism towards US then you must have unbelievably low moral and ethical standards.
Comparing rotten tomatoes to an excrement doesn't make the rotten tomatoes any less edible. They are still disgusting, end of story.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2020Don't look in Indian market we will not take TikTok ba... moreSo you really don't know what it means by "acquiring" business, gotcha. Probably you should stop using Windows too so that you can punish Microsoft for making a deal with a Chinese company lol.

  • Anonymous

Don't look in Indian market we will not take TikTok back as even if Microsoft takes certain markets for TikTok the Main company still remains a chinese and hence We will not use it for sure

It just shows how stupid world is, such app likes this generating millions and people like children making stupid videos, wow, unimpressive

Hello Life, 07 Aug 2020Why are people comparing US with China? Every country takes... morethat's exactly what the virtue signallers and propagandists cunningly omit.

the rest are drunk on freedom and have no idea how free they are. they'd all be better off in China.

skimminstones, 07 Aug 2020Trump is just a child demanding all the toys for himself. and what about China? they've been doing the same thing for nearly two decades now - and that's only from what's openly known. why no comment about that???

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020You should watch some movies, based on reality, like Snowde... morethat's exactly what i stated in another comment of mine which this website did not publish.

as per wikileaks, US has been spying on everyone. yet wikileaks is primarily US focused. you have little to no idea what other countries are doing - and its precisely due to the fact that we generally know what US is up to, while we don't know what other countries like Israel or Sweden or Russia or China or Colombia are up to, that we automatically imagine US is worse than them. That couldn't be further away from the truth. Its what you don't know that's much worse. Think North Korea's internet and China's Great Firewall.

For all of US's supposed power, they weren't able to get back Snowden or Assange. In contrast, if Snowden or Assange had tried their tricks in China, they wouldn't have been able to exit the country. Check out the BBC reporter who was tracked down within 10 mins by the Chinese Police, as part of a "challenge" to find out how effective their tracking system is. As awesome as it is (capturing criminals would be a piece of cake), its also very scary when you add the fact that Zoom paid subscribers from the US were blocked by the same Chinese Govt because of their comments on the Tianamen Square 'incident' (which apparently did not happen, because history is silently rewritten there and nobody notices due to their fixation on trump). Oh, why not a mention about Shi Tao, who was sent to prison in 2005 after Yahoo shared his emails related to the Tianamen Square 'incident' to the Chinese authorities? See when this issue started??

and speaking of movies, the Chinese Govt bans anything that does not comply with their propaganda narrative. in US, even Watchdogs isn't banned and anything depicting US as the villain aint banned either. Watchdogs wouldn't have released in China if the tiniest bit of pro Hong Kong narrative was present. And they actively curate anything and everything before it is released. You wouldn't believe the reasons for which something was banned by the Chinese. just look up "china hong kong protest game ban" for recent examples. lots of movies there too.

though not a US citizen, i'd trust US any day over China.

Trump is just a child demanding all the toys for himself.