Samsung Omnia W gets Windows Phone Tango update

01 July, 2012
The update brings improvement to the messaging and contacts app, along with performance improvements.

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  • rohit

when we get the windows 8 update?

  • Anonymous

rajkiran557, 09 Sep 2012Hey Daniel I have this phone i.e (Samsung focus flash)at&am... moreif u get any solution for rooting omnia w so plz help me. so that i can also root my omnia w.
hitesh sharma (

  • sanju

Bala Maheshwaran, 05 Feb 2013Windows 7.8 update is readily available for Samsung Omnia W... moreIs it available in India

  • Bala Maheshwaran

Windows 7.8 update is readily available for Samsung Omnia W. Connect to Zune and enjoy it!!!!

  • AnonD-79398

Windows 8 possible for samsung omnia w?? Plz reply

  • subhasis

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2012Every Windows Phone 7.5 will get 7.8. Which is every phone ... morebut when 7.8 available for samsung omnia.w

  • gurkirat singh

AnonD-48016, 02 Jul 2012Yeah! I got this update via Zune, performance of my phone ... moreHow can i get this update??

  • SPS

Still no update available for my Omnia W in India :(, Samsung is really bad at rolling out updates to their devices.

  • harsha

when ever i check for an update to my phone , it shows that my os is 7.10 then why there is no change in my phone .

  • viv

pls help me out to update my omnia with tango. my update on zune tells me it updated to 7.10

  • sasha

Is there tango update for Samsung omnia m

  • AnonD-74584

why do yet my omnia W didn't got tango & zune is showing ur phone is up to date(7.10 8773), please can any one tell me the solution......

  • rats

rabindra, 01 Sep 2012will samsung omnia W update ? I want to transfer my pictur... morestupid connect to pc synchonize with zune software and than go to c drive location where u will find ur data.copy n transfer to ur cell.thats it

  • AnonD-70982

how to upgrade Omina W from 7.5 to 7.8.. plz give me some guidelines

  • rajkiran557

Daniel Beller, 02 Jul 2012Hi all- I have this phone and it is Windowbroken with root ... moreHey Daniel I have this phone i.e (Samsung focus flash)at&t version of Omnia w and the only problem I face in it is Bluetooth file transfer, that can be achieved with the help of DFT Bluetooth file transfer app,and to side load that I need root my phone ,that is fully unlock my phone so can u please help me root my phone , just need to know how to do it, my mail id thanks in advance

  • rabindra

will samsung omnia W update ? I want to transfer my picture, photoes & songs to another phone but it doesn't will i transfer my photoes ,pictures and sonng to other phone.

  • prasar

This is 8773 update that is not the Tango update. this is just a minor update. I am sad getting this Samsung phone as even after this time Samsung has not rolled out the tango update :(

  • alooo

ak, 25 Jul 2012It's not a tango update, its just a minor update has somebo... moreYes i have got the tango update recently...
The update u r talking about is the update required to get tango.
After updating the zune software checks for new update and installs tango update.....

  • nikworld

It's not TANGO , its just an windows phone update and it took hours to complete

  • ak

It's not a tango update, its just a minor update has somebody got tango update