TikTok issues statement following US Administration’s executive order

08 August 2020
The Trump Administration issued an order that would bar American companies from doing business with ByteDance and Tencent.

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  • bangorlol

incorrect information issued by gsmarena that no proof is present. US lawmakers have been actively investigating tiktok since more than a year back.

  • Anonymous

There will be a lot of anger in China over TikTok situation. There is n't a free press in China, so they rely on the state media.

The message is that the US is jealous and is trying to steal TikTok, but they will have a national conversation about wider issues such as privacy, China blocking their markets to foreign companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.

It all sounds a bit lousy, as the American invented the internet (TCP/IP). They invented email. A Brits invented the World Wide Web. All these were gifted to the world. So it is a bit sour for China to claim the US is trying to stop its growth.

ThunderCrackR, 08 Aug 2020This clown tries to destroy any company which could surpass... moreDo you call yourself clown? Interesting

Of course, please ban all these garbage apps Tic Tok and so on, it is obviously thats such popularity apps like Tic Tok will collect and sell data, no matter what they will say, as it is not possible to resist attention and money from governments and businesses when your app is used by millions, Tic Tok is simple data mining app and needs to be stopped like any social platform, be smart avoid things which exposes your privacy

  • Anonymous

My hypothesis for now is that this ban will affect whole world not just usa and china.

  • MrDong

[deleted post]Huawei has also faked its smartphone camera sample shots by using a DSLR camera. I think Android Authority has spotted this cheat.

While I don't trust most Chinese smartphones, actually Americans also do the same thing. It's just a race of profit in the end.

TPAA, 09 Aug 2020China has banned Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropb... moreThat's right

  • Anonymous

In order for any foreign entity to do business within the Chinese mainland, they must first partner underneath a national business which grants that partner certain advantages and access to trade secrets of the foreign entity, all while the partner retains legal sanctuary with regards to disputes over matters within the mainland. As far as I see it, TikTok needing to partner with a US company to continue business is just the enforcement of a policy that has existed in China for decades now.

China has banned Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Gmail, YouTube, Google apps, Google Play etc... They have kept American apps out due to their security laws.

Most foreign companies struggle to get a foothold in China.

I guess the Americans, are doing the same to TikTok and banning their apps from the US market. TikTok will still work in other countries.

ThunderCrackR, 08 Aug 2020This clown tries to destroy any company which could surpass... moreel sammo is korean. apparently they did not surpass anyone. go figure.

kiasunkiasi, 09 Aug 2020please read back what you written : "Seriously now, th... moreTrump's right decision

  • lol

Trump administration is ensuring that chinese are pushed as hard as possible to become competitive on last chapter they are still not: the software. Once that done, it will be interesting to see the world economy in 5-10 years.

ThunderCrackR, 08 Aug 2020This clown tries to destroy any company which could surpass... moreThat's how it looks on the surface for id**s. Next time you read some news, always put some effort to go a layer deep.

Lancewood, 08 Aug 2020Google android is not an american company doing business in... moreAndroid is open source. Android in China don't have Google Play Services. There's ba reason MIUI has two roms, Global and Chinese.

kiasunkiasi, 09 Aug 2020please read back what you written : "Seriously now, th... moreAlright, I did not explicitly said what I wanted, I'm sorry but in my mind there was something else, and I'll say it again: Trump didn't sit at his computer and write all of that stuff, but one of his secretaries. He first made up a list of things he wanted to say and then god knows how many people worked on that article, but the main source is Trump

Andreidinutu, 08 Aug 2020I don't think you understand. Of course it was written... moreplease read back what you written : "Seriously now, the article that Trump has written is great."
twisting Trump written into written by the whole White House?
incorporating Trump's view does not make it written by Trump, check his Tweets, Trump can only write nasty and praise words
don't lift a rock and hit yourself

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 08 Aug 2020No, I'm advocating against the policy of "an eye ... moreKid, that’s the most naive load of BS I’ve heard in a while. Countries don’t unilaterally put themselves in a weaker position on purpose. There are trade deals and international infrastructure for a reason. If both sides don’t have a strong enough agreement to structure these relationships what you are seeing today will happen.

By the way, your entire premise is based on the fact that we should not expected China to be a responsible actor on the world stage.

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 08 Aug 2020Seriously now, the article that Trump has written is great.... moreThe left-wing mainstream media here and abroad paints him as a bumbling buffoon. The guy is smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. He knows exactly what he's doing and he has plenty of smart people advising him all the time.

This tiktok thing has to be the most dumb really useless app, pure dumb content there

  • Anonymous

Sideload, 08 Aug 2020No need to go as far as North Korea, what about China. Why... moreLOL! Does that really exist? The Chynese and their sympathizers are crying about something they've been doing for many years to competing American and other Western companies.