OnePlus Nord gets OxygenOS 10.5.4 update

10 August 2020
The minor software revision brings with it a bunch of fixes.

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  • Anonymous

There is some bugs on my display when I'm calling to someone I'm pressing red button (cancelling button) sometimes it's not working properly.and camera issues network issues.please send me update...

  • Joe

Macro camera then display then whole camera completed problem clear

  • Bhagyanarayana

Recording button pressing time voice coming and any body easaly find out

  • Dhanush

I cannot use Instagram on this so called Nord as it shows network error😒

  • Khushbu

I did not get this new update

  • Anonymous

My phone as display issue

  • Anonymous

Jins, 11 Aug 2020I cannot get new updation in my nordSame here

  • Sourabh

Not able to send sms to premium numbers

  • Anonymous

Video selfie quality definitely needs improving and does not do the hardware justice. Let's hope it gets better.

It's main area where I feel my Nord lacks.

  • Jins

I cannot get new updation in my nord

  • Sathish

I think OnePlus is paying to keep them always on News. Really software upgrades makes news??

  • Oneplus nord

Oneplus nord t should come with newer 64mp camera and better macro camera not the useless 2mp one

No news about vulnerabilities on Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC?