Weekly poll: Did Microsoft get the Surface Duo right?

16 August 2020
The Galaxy Z Fold2 got an even split, but that's actually very good for a foldable phone.

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  • 16 Aug 2020

Yes, if it was on windows os

    Dennan4, 16 Aug 2020What are you doing where the 855 is limiting your phones pe... moreYou don't get it do you? I have a black shark 2, sd 855. Anyway I want the 86865 because I pay note20 ultra money on it. And get barely any good camera for it. And future proofing

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      • 16 Aug 2020

      Anonymous, 16 Aug 2020"Productivity" and "6GB RAM" don't... moreYou have no idea of what you are talking about. "I need 50 apps open simultaneously to be productive"...yeah sure...LOL.

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        • 16 Aug 2020

        Anonymous, 16 Aug 2020It is a copy of LG dual screen, that is a copy of Zte Axon ... moreReally...this has been in the works for much longer than LG's offering. look it up.

          Andreidinutu, 16 Aug 2020And? We're getting it now. If I buy something now, I d... moreWhat are you doing where the 855 is limiting your phones performance? I don't really see any tangible difference in real life performance outside benchmarking. Some heavy mobile games?

            i dont care about 5G, i dont need the 865 power and i dont care much about the camera, but that weak battery and that stupidly high price is beyond wrong, i have to think twice about living with that kinda of battery capicity if the phone was priced at $399, $1399 is a no brainer NO

              For productivity people this will be awesome. Me personally, its a pass with the price, no 5G and no telephoto cam. At least with the fold 2, for example, I get those two things along with the 865. Also this a first gen product vs the fold 2, which shouldn't have as many problems considering Samsung learned their lesson with the first one . But for anyone who doesn't care for 5G or cameras and the price comes down (or they get good deal with a trade in), I see this making it into some peoples pockets.

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                • 16 Aug 2020

                No, it would be cool in 2010, but stupid in 2020 when we have flexible display now, SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold2 is much better.

                  Might be the first device I've ever pre-ordered.

                    Anonymous, 16 Aug 2020It was made when SD855 was the latest chip available.Indeed, M$ usualy have problem of long development cycles - same goes for their laptops/tablets.
                    Do you remember when we made fun of Apple for using 1+yo hardware in their laptops?
                    IMHo same deal.

                      For some reazon my vote is invalid and i see the voting option only in landscape. On samsung a70

                        I don't see many people using this as their main cell phone.

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                          • 16 Aug 2020

                          geek-a-contra, 16 Aug 2020question 4: ok, i get it, battery maybe is small (though no... moreAt that price point it needs stronger specs and at least 4 years of updates. There are android phones today with 4 gig ram large screens and mid range processors in the $200 usd range. Its is more cost effective to pickup 2 of those and run both when you need to multitask and then drop the extra weight when you don't. not to mention the redundancy of having the second phone. You could even run the second phone with a data only sim to avoid the cost of a full second line.

                            This is the first time 'Microsoft' will be releasing a android device. I like traditional candy bar shaped handsets, personally. I heard that 'Microsoft' and 'Samsung' are going to begin collaborating on SoC production, as early as next year. Maybe the two will co-design a candy bar shaped android handset (?). If so, and it has a 5, 7, or 10 nm SoC, with a headphone jack and sd card slot reader, I will consider getting as much.

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                              • 16 Aug 2020

                              geek-a-contra, 16 Aug 2020question 4: ok, i get it, battery maybe is small (though no... moreTap reply, maybe you'll get an answer LOL.

                                question 4: ok, i get it, battery maybe is small (though nobody knows how much they really last and i wonder how much of battery you can squeeze in a 4.5mm thick slate...), but "underpowered"? could you, pretty please, explain how you got to that conclusion? out of your extensive experience in using the device? stalled a lot? how big is the motor in your car? 1000hp in a subcompact? or the bigger the better, size matters? :)))

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                                  • 16 Aug 2020

                                  No child toy, good stuf for business, when in delegation, or any other reason away from work.

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                                    • 16 Aug 2020

                                    Would be nice if it weren't totally dependent on subscription services to be a viable computing device.

                                    This is still the most fascinating device in several years, and for phones, it's the most functional at least since the BlackBerry Passport.

                                    If I can uninstall all of the unnecessary apps (not just hide/disable, but remove permanently), it might be my next mobile platform. I don't care about specs, I care about usability and practicality.

                                    Also what's up with the racist marketing? Do White people not use mobile devices anymore?

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                                      • 16 Aug 2020

                                      In the end on my view, Team Microsoft started following it's path on Team Google's way, as those folks are started making the same way their pixel devices are as week as their services are coming to an end day by day, little by little.

                                      Sadly, but Microsoft should really need to focus it's eyes on UPCOMING XCLOUD AND SERIES X/S XBOX projects, rather then wasting their time, money and labour power on making such utter trash devices, which is looks and feels similar the device I've owned right now, A "discontinued" "dead" gionee pioneer p5w owned from 2016!!!

                                      Surprised, right? Frankly, I'm not at all...

                                        Anonymous, 16 Aug 2020It was made when SD855 was the latest chip available.And? We're getting it now. If I buy something now, I don't care it was launched back in 2012, and until then they couldn't produce it so that's why I have to use old tech