Asus Zenfone 7 series to launch on August 26

17 August 2020
We're expecting a vanilla and Pro model.

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  • Tech Giant

The Zenfone 7 series are launching tomorrow.

If Zenfone 7 & 7 Pro come with flip-up camera, I'll not buy it. I think, it's very disappointing this year, but I'll wait for Zenfone 8 next year if it features punch hole, notch or under screen camera. I own Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. I'll wait for Galaxy S20 Lite aka Fan Edition in October.

  • Fonzie

Zon, 19 Aug 2020I'm a big asus zenfone fan as i currently still owns Z... moreOwning the ZenFone 6 in Northern Europe and if you could, just get the ZenFone 7. Its the best computer phone i have ever owned. 😊👍

  • Zon

I'm a big asus zenfone fan as i currently still owns Zenfone 2 ze551ml and Zenfone 5 ze620kl. Still working ok and i would like to upgrade in newer version but Zenfone 6 did not get released in Thailand and Philippines so i know zenfone 7 will only be released in some countries or maybe in Taiwan only.

  • M3S4

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020ASUS is really innovative in computer field and doing great... moreMy friend use M1. He got update until now, what is your issue.

$499 price is great news! Now just praying they kept the swivel camera, SDCard expandable storage and the headphone jack!!!

  • goasus

Price will start from 499. This is a flagship killer!!!

I want to try this one to replace my 2 year old Mate 20. Awe me please with your cameras and battery back up.

  • Boggy-Stefy

In Europe is very hard to buy an Asus phone. Not that I will ever buy one again, but just saying.
They are somehow known only because of their ROG phones. The other models are just standard ones, that blend into all the other standard phones and they are forgotten after 6 months of the release date.
Example Asus Zenfone 6, I literally forgot that this phone existed, until I saw this news article about the Zenfone 7. Also, in Czech Republic is not even possible to buy it anymore, the Zenfone 6. Or ROG 2 for that matter. But funny, you can find the ROG 1 here, lol.

ishreal, 17 Aug 2020Symmetrical is overrated. Asymmetrical bezels are really no... moreIts a deal breaker for me.

  • Anonymous

Sean, 18 Aug 2020Being an OLED is more important than the 90hz as D2D says t... moreDifferent person different preferences. Like i can say i think the type of screen of screen are more useless than high refresh rate

  • Kaizen

GIFman, 17 Aug 2020Chinese companies are selling some of there products at ver... moreAsus is a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

ASUS is really innovative in computer field and doing great with ROG and premium Zenfone series like 5z or 6z but when it comes to mid range phone like max pro M1 or M2 they just don't care

  • Muku

This right here is my next phone

apprise, 17 Aug 2020U do realise that smartphones in India tend to be way cheap... moreWho cares about Chinede companies. Also they don't sell their best phones in India like Mi 10 ultra or Redmi K30 ultra

Hopefully no macro and depth sensors. Use telephoto and periscope sensors unlike k30 pro/poco f2 pro.

  • gorp

But will it properly support VoLTE in the U.S.? The ZenFone 6 still doesn't...

  • sammy

GIFman, 17 Aug 2020Chinese companies are selling some of there products at ver... moreASUS isn't a chinese company broo...
It's taiwan's company...
& ASUS is the best option for you if you want to buy anything other than chinese phones

  • Anonymous

Let's see what cutsmthey plan to do to keep price under $850, like done with mi10, op8 and v60.

  • Sb

This is Taiwan company