Android Auto wireless availability will expand greatly with Android 11

20 August 2020
Any Android 11 phone will “technically” be able to run Android Auto wirelessly.

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Spartan-117, 22 Aug 2020Can 2008 Audi A8 somehow support Android Auto without buyin... moreNo.

Can 2008 Audi A8 somehow support Android Auto without buying a new display?

RealLifePhones, 21 Aug 2020People hate on Samsung day and night but when it comes to f... moreI agree.
Although I don't use an iPhone, I still think CarPlay is better implemented than AndroidAuto. It's just that Apple gets their money from hardware sales, so inherently, they care about the end-user. That's why the Apple Watch is a formidable prospect, whereas my AndroidWear (ahem Wear OS) is basically dead. The new Samsung Watch 3+ looks awesome, but once bitten twice shy.

This is positive news, and I want to hear more progress in this manner. The "do no evil" mantra is still alive with me even if the company had given up on it. I always hope that Google would get their act together, but that's my wishful heart talking, my thinking brain tells me that's a fool's errand. So I either use their services because it's free, or I apply my own MODs to it to make it optimised for myself, or I look elsewhere.

People hate on Samsung day and night but when it comes to features that aren't on spec sheets you mostly find Samsung to support it.
Wireless Android Auto is magical especially when the car has wireless charging. Then it's just throwing the phone in the car and letting the fun begin.

  • jNO

Android 10 only needs an update to get this functionality.

  • Dometalican

Yea. this should have been automatic for some time now.

About time. Good thing most major Android phones this year should be getting 11 so it's a given.