Realme X7 series will pack a punch hole display with 1,200 nits brightness

21 August 2020
The brightest yet on a Realme smartphone.

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  • ibrahim

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2020If the SoC is Dimensity 1000+, as rumored, this phone is un... moreplease launch as soon as possible on pakistan.please

Decent specs, but we need to know the price ASAP !

  • Anonymous

This phone appears to be designed primarily for its domestic 5G market, targeting its fearsome domestic peers. This new and different orientation is fully reflected in the expected aggressive pricing, selection of components, the choice of feature set, and the design language, which is significantly different from all previous Realme phones. This is a new Realme, with a new orientation towards its domestic 5G market and a lessened engagement with legacy 4G markets.

According to a Realme executive, the sole measure of success for this phone is whether it sells well in China. It would be a failure if it doesn't sell well in China, regardless how well it does in other markets. Realme wants a solid presence in its domestic 5G market. A Realme executive said, jokingly, "Xiaomi has 10% of the market. We will be very happy to start with a solid 1%."

  • Anonymous

If the SoC is Dimensity 1000+, as rumored, this phone is unlikely to be made available outside its domestic market, since the supply of the chip is still very limited at this point.

  • Anonymous

Such amazing specs! The phone is sure going to be a hit in the market. I hope it goes with the Dimensity chipset

  • Ayaan Goswami

The features seem incredible but I hope it chooses a decent processor as well. I don't want another disappointment like the Nord in the processor aspect.

  • Irfan

How much price of it

With all the news of Dimensity 1000+ powered phones, I am excited to witness this chipset in action. It's disappointing that it has been delayed for so long.

  • Pragmatic

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020Usd500? Most probably around 400$

  • Jimmie

Its not nice one of the camera 2mp and 120hz is npt that important the only matter is that we need a better unit snapdragon or better quadcom chip not 120hz displays xiaomi is better think they kept quality rather sacrifice the cameras for 120hz display

  • VirusXsMax

man, plastic again ,redmi k30 ultra uses metal frame,but pop up camera won't pop most probably after 1 year & plastic phones get easily bent by pressure.

  • LLL

indlvarn, 21 Aug 2020Meh, why so many phones has fake 2MP depth and macro camera... moreSame here.

  • AnonD-896879

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020SD765 is incapable of rendering UI above 100fps so 120Hz is... morelol on poco x2 mortal combat runs at a constant 120fps as i saw

  • Anonymous


  • Fitbri

Sounds like rapid screen burn in

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020So bright, I'll need to view the screen through sunglasses.Hilarious!

  • Anonymous

So bright, I'll need to view the screen through sunglasses.

  • Anonymous

SD765 is incapable of rendering UI above 100fps so 120Hz is useless,POCO X2 only did 90-95fpa on Android Homescreen, at least Dimensity 1000 could do 120fps on 1080p

  • AnonD-945200

without a good camera setup and well optimised os
what's the point of 120hzzzzz ??
a badly configured phone with 120hz is bull***

Meh, why so many phones has fake 2MP depth and macro cameras. I won't buy any of those.