Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G ad got out a little early

22 August 2020
"You can have it all and do it all", the leaked commercial says.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2020It is not HuaweiSpywei.. fixed it.

  • Anonymous

Bud, 24 Aug 2020They will run out of SOCs in a couple of months and are not... moreIt is not Huawei

Saffa, 24 Aug 2020Yeah your lucky enough to get the snapdragon version while ... moreCompletely understandable! I'd skip Exynos just the same.

Samsung's fabs haven't been the best lately, unfortunately. Nvidia fans will soon find that out the hard way when Big Navi beats Ampere in performance and power efficiency.

  • Bud

AnonD-947580, 24 Aug 2020Why not? Can't they produce everything inside China?They will run out of SOCs in a couple of months and are not allowed to use american technics to develop their own processors.

Does anyone know what carriers will have the Galaxy Fold 2 and if it will be offered under their lease program?

  • AnonD-947580

Bud, 23 Aug 2020But they can not produce any devices anymore to put it on.Why not? Can't they produce everything inside China?

  • JR

Hope in folded position it fits our 1 hand and into pocket
Now a days we don't get to see 5 inch screens
For watching movies we have TV, who would watch on mobile

  • Saffa

FreezeGame, 24 Aug 2020Eight days away from preordering this magnificent device! C... moreYeah your lucky enough to get the snapdragon version while we get ripped off in Australia with the same exynos chip from S20 line. But yet we still pay the same price for older tech. Was reason I refused to buy the Note20.

Eight days away from preordering this magnificent device! Can't wait to own it as no smartphone comes close to being as exciting as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. The crease is a nonissue when you're actively using the internal display. It has been demonstrated time and again with the original Fold from people who actually use the device as their daily driver.

I received the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G a few days ago. As I was getting it all set up for my wife, I was very impressed with it. Blazing fast (Snapdragon 865+), high quality top to bottom, and buttery smooth. Just fantastic overall. With that being said, it's not nearly as awe-inspiring as the GF2.

A word to the wise – Be informed. Purchase whatever makes you happy and fits your needs despite disparaging remarks from strangers in the comment section who you owe nothing.

  • Anonymous

Kev, 22 Aug 2020I dont get the position of selfie camera? Weird...I have had the original fold for littless then a year dropped it a few times as my daily driver it was bound to happen i cant wait to see the next version and am looking foward to picking it up i love the external screen as i have found the old one pretty useless other then answering a call caint wait to see how 120 he works in middle the original is pretty awesome when opened so I can only imagine the seam in the middle is not even a thought and the camera under the display is even going to take impressive to another level i love my fold not a day goes by do I think of how much it cost its a game hanger in phones and yes the z fold is going to be the phone that will be my last i thought it was going to be original fold and dont get me wrong if I wasnt spoiled and seen the z I could care less dont knock what you have never tried i have had it in my hand for a year and it still makes me smile everytime i open it

hazemfive, 22 Aug 2020Fold 2 socks, for the price I'm paying, it should be: ... moreYou are one very demanding and picky consumer in time of pandemic that nobody likes. Begone!

  • Anonymous

Retard, 22 Aug 2020You want all of that? No problem m'am that will just c... morehe expecting that thing only cost $199

  • Jay R

I cannot wait for this beautiful phone/tablet hybrid to come out!

  • Lucas

This news is oe day old lol. BTW of you pause in one of the multi-tasking scenes, you will actually see gsmarena on a Google search on samsung in this ad

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  • Bud

AnonD-947580, 23 Aug 2020Huawei don't need GMS - in a couple of years their Har... moreBut they can not produce any devices anymore to put it on.

  • Anonymous

Looks interesting.

  • Anonymous

Don't worry about the sky high price for now. All new technology starts high and over time comes down.

That's how Samsung who invested hundreds of millions of dollars and a decade of R&D is initially able to recover some of this massive cost to bring this to life.

That's just how innovation and business always works. Rich or willing consumers can afford to buy early revolutionary tech, while the rest of us can wait a little to get a taste of it sooner or later.

  • Anonymous

People who complain about the crease just shows they have never used any folding device. Head on it's not noticeable

  • AnonD-947580

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2020Go show me another foldable with a 4k screen??? Huawei may... moreHuawei don't need GMS - in a couple of years their Harmony OS will be equal to Google and Apple.