Firefox for Android gets a major update

25 August 2020
New UI and new privacy-oriented features await.

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  • 03 Jul 2021

Please stop updating and making it suck, I want my google search bar back!

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    • PdD
    • 15 Jan 2021

    Yes.. its a crap last android firefox..!👎 I can't open a shared link in a new firefox window

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      • Pond
      • nFu
      • 10 Nov 2020

      I miss the old Firefox 😭 I feel like a stupid Betch trying to use Firefox UI, BUT then feel like a baby genius using google 👶📲

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        • SuckJocialFustice
        • 8r3
        • 16 Oct 2020

        FIREFOX SUCKS NOW, 31 Aug 2020firefox forced the update to 80 when i had little time to d... moreDude, Opera is spyware (including its VPN). Use a fork of Firefox instead. There's a few to choose from that are currently maintained. Not sure how long that will last if this is what the upstream is raining down on users.

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          • jqk
          • 14 Oct 2020

          FF is my default browser on all - except for Android. I'm still an FF believer and it's quite possible there's some good stuff done there - but until there's an option to toggle to the previous UI, I'm going back to Chrome. What a bummer...

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            • y92
            • 10 Oct 2020

            Almost completely unuseableon tab bar, no browser back or forward button, no ability to select what toolbars to be visible, no ope from... command, file download "ask me" dosn't ask. Customize dosn't.

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              • YcK
              • 29 Sep 2020


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                • Privacy
                • mhF
                • 27 Sep 2020

                All this empty talk about privacy, but no way to export private bookmarks without a cloud

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                  • nonick
                  • JyE
                  • 25 Sep 2020

                  JOJO, 06 Sep 2020The new Firefox update makes the app totally useless period... moreNow it's all about diversity and social justice, so here we are, seeing the dumpster-tier results.

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                    • 4I@
                    • 20 Sep 2020

                    I liked having my bookmarks on the first page. I liked having them show up when I focused on the search bar. I especially liked the add ons. For me, there is no point in using the newest firefox.

                    Mozilla should allow you to downgrade or at least allow me to run both versions. I lost my saved info, including all my bookmarks by uninstalling and downloaded the apk of the previous version.

                    Hopefully your gamble to make a browser that works poorly and doesn't stand out from the others feature-wise pays off.

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                      • IJN
                      • 16 Sep 2020

                      CC, 10 Sep 2020I have used Firefox for years on all my mobile (Android) de... moreYup.

                      Uninstalled. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

                      Hello Chrome.

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                        • Bruce Wrigleys
                        • 4%a
                        • 14 Sep 2020

                        thisisname, 26 Aug 2020You can't live without AMP to normal webpage anymore? ... moreDude, AMP blows chunks! I avoid it like the plague! I'll hit "Request Desktop Site" whenever I see a page in the results that I want to check out. Can't stand ANY page that's in the crappy AMP format. Wish Google would just get rid of it already.

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                          • qp2
                          • 14 Sep 2020

                          huge update, tons of changes, some i think were actually pretty cool, although it's a different browser now, which makes it sort of hard to use right off the bat...but jeez louise, basically no add-ons...NO ADD-ONS??? what the bloody fark!? that was like half the point of firefox, bros! that was what got people excited about using it! You took away the thing that made it special and made it into just another browser...well, almost. you took away the thing that made is special and made it a really extra rump-humping crappy browser. like it's the worst. half of the pages i try to visit won't load. wanna open a page via a link in a 3rd party app? forget it, never gonna happen. does your page use javascript anywhere, like millions of websites do because it's gourd-dame universal and everybody uses it? nope, java is disabled. so just re-enable it, yeah? no. you can't. I don't know what you guys were thinking, but man, i've never seen an app get this much worse in a single update before. you took away every perk, you made it harder to use, and you eliminated it's ability to access, oh, i don't know, about half of the internet. considering that it's only purpose is to access the internet, that's pretty get it together. I won't be using your browser again until you fix this pile of burnt hufflepuff pubes, because right now it's about as enticing as a bathtub full of half-chewed twizzlers. you guys really pood the scrooch on this one.

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                            • I4x
                            • 11 Sep 2020

                            Makes me want to chew my hands off.

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                              • CC
                              • baQ
                              • 10 Sep 2020

                              I have used Firefox for years on all my mobile (Android) devices, and this latest update has made it completely unusable. I appreciate small incremental changes that enhance the experience, but this is not intuitive at all. Everything loads slower now, the interface is not user friendly at all. I really enjoyed it in the past, but am now forced to go back to Chrome.

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                                • tykki
                                • IVR
                                • 09 Sep 2020

                                I find myself slowly shifting to somewhere else away from firefox as a whole due do my disgust of the new android firefox version. completely disgust at how the previous features which I liked were mostly, if not all, disabled.

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                                  • JOJO
                                  • 4Ry
                                  • 06 Sep 2020

                                  The new Firefox update makes the app totally useless period. What kind of idiots must be running Mozilla now? OMFG!

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                                    • average joe
                                    • Euy
                                    • 05 Sep 2020

                                    Ed, 04 Sep 2020The new Android version of Firefox really sucks. I cannot g... moreTry Fennec on F-Droid. An open source branche that kept the Firefox we love alive.

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                                      • Ed
                                      • 46e
                                      • 04 Sep 2020

                                      The new Android version of Firefox really sucks. I cannot get it to synch on my Tab A, so it is useless.

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                                        • teq
                                        • 02 Sep 2020

                                        firefox 80 sucks