Sony Xperia 5 II image leaks, shows ZEISS T* lenses, but no 3D ToF sensor

26 August 2020
Sony's collaboration with the famous lens maker should be an indication of a flagship-level triple camera setup.

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VectorR, 28 Aug 2020I'm not against spirit / enthusiasm in photography at ... morePhotography is an art of using light, the Auto just plain as a standards. If take photos at the same place same time same people and the of course the same algorithm would go out as plain.

Fearghast, 26 Aug 2020I know I have it, the question is how much will be Xperia 5... moretrue, but I think a lot of company, sadly, kind of ditched the ToF for their "vanilla" or regulr model, since xperia 5ii meant to be a "regular" or "vanilla" version of Sony's Flagship lineup. Regarding the patch, it also kind of broke my fingerprint, the option is missing from the setting as well as the whole functionality of it

Senseurheart Kimochi, 27 Aug 2020The zero effort on iPhone and Pixel means the photography l... moreI'm not against spirit / enthusiasm in photography at all. I just can't see the point of doing all of this (messing with modes, manual settings = time waste) on a smartphone. The final result isn't worth of consumed time, enthusiasm etc. DSLRs are specifically designed for everything you're talking about. Doing the same thing on a smartphone, even the most advanced one, is pathetic, sorry.

Makimaki, 27 Aug 2020Look mate. Nobody said neither did i, that i dont wanna hav... moreBlame Google for making an OS that not only isn't truely open source, but only "sorta", and for not making an OS that would be compatible with many devices, like iOS native support is or like Windows is through drivers.
Or blame the phone makers on insisting on making so different variant each time rather than focusing on a core OS and only need to make different update for few components rather than for the whole device each time.
Or blame brands for wanting so much their own proprietary things and being so selfish and hostile to the idea of cooperating and making common standard.
But don't complain about the number of devices, it is stupid.
Graphic card for PC have drivers WAY MORE complicated than everything on a smartphone, that's actually the reason why it is kinda easy to start a new Android brand but that no one except the giant Intel is able to come and compete in this sector, yet, not only they produce multiple models of graphic cards, but also they lets many brands like MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and others do their own custom work on them, yet they can release regular updates, and you don't need an update per card.
Because now, explain me how and why a brand like OnePlus releasing only FEW models per years isn't the fastest with updates ?
They are notoriously slow and I am still waiting for my OnePlus 6t to get Always On Display option.
Realme proved to be able to do amazingly fast updates despite having many phones.
In 2020 alone they released the Realme :
5i, 6, 6i, 6S, 6 Pro, C2s, C3, C3 tripple camera (may cause different update requirement), C3i, C11, C12, C15, Narzo, Narzo 10, Narzo 10A, V5, X3 SuperZoom, X50, X50m, X50t, X50 Pro and X50 Pro Player.

Yet they update almost monthly :

Also blame Google for not making it really open source (which with big participation would help a lot fixing bugs) and putting tons of backdoors that are and cause security vulnerability that then require to be fixed.
Same with new android version, Realme will update many phones to Android 11 :

So yeah, it is NOT because of how many phones there are that cause all that.

Regardless where you are, you can order a Chinese version, it will have enough 4G bands to work fine in most countries anyway, but just check prior to buy it.
The Poco F2 Pro is available at less than 320€ on Aliexpress, and there is only a global variant, meaning all bands are the same, AND on French store, where we have taxes added, it is less than 400€.
Still, 550€ is far from your "800€".
And if you care so much about the price and so little about features, just buy a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro or similar low end devices, it is for sell at less than 210 on French Amazon.

What you forget is that we have higher refresh rate, battery with bigger density, 4G have evolved, 5G antenna and chipset, more modern SoC with MANY added things, better camera, biometric sensors and many other things that.
If you want the price of a phone as it was 2 or 3 year ago, buy a 2 or 3 year old device like the Pocophone F1, which literally is what you look for, big SoC and no other features.

No one "started" with flagship, flagship literally mean the most advanced phone a brand can sell, there always have been flagship as soon as brand were to release multiple models at multiple price range, and again, no one force you to buy a flagship.
Just compare ALL the differences between the OnePlus 5 or 6 and the 8, NOTHING is comparable, by the way that's exactly why they made the Nord, if you want cheaper option.

I never said I am for high cost, and I am against the big margin they make, MOSTLY because they do it without even innovating and we have low effort copy/paste phones with no unique feature and no choices for anyone with any taste slightly different from the norm, which accumulate to many peoples, hell they don't even make small form factor anymore.

But clearly you can't blame high end phones for being priced like high end devices while way cheaper option are available, again, you can't ask for a Supercar if you aren't ready to spend more than 25k, and you can't really ask for a 25k sedan with a Supercar engine either as there is basically no real point at having a super powerful phone with low end features.
I have the first Oculus Rift, its resolution is crappy and tons of things are totally outdated, and I would love the Valve Index, but I ain't complaining that the Valve Index is almost 10x more expensive while being almost 10x better, makeup your minds.

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Makimaki, 26 Aug 2020Lets get real ppl. There is a few things phones need and lo... moreVery good said πŸ‘

  • Hoyanton

Sony, please make 16:9 phone with bezel-less, 6 inch screen. It will be the best seller in the world of "remote control design 19:9" phones. I will be the first to buy. Please make it happen β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ₯°βœŒοΈπŸ˜Ž

Demongornot, 27 Aug 2020I am for MARKET DIVERCITY, meaning smartphone with A featur... moreLook mate. Nobody said neither did i, that i dont wanna have diversity in the market, but with manufacturers comes more than just phone. 10 different phones from one brand means that each updates will be much slower. For example i still wait for Mi note 10 ota miui 12. Now i read Xiaomi will make even 10T. Ok they can make it no probs, but please give at least security update frequently. You pay 1000 eur for phone indeed considering also service and updates. Fixes etc.

Whatever you say Google and Sony are the best with these updates.

Furthermore i get your meaning, but must consider GEO location. For that listed phones i have prices in middle Europe much higher...lets see. Poco f2 cca 550 eur,realme X50 pro 700 eur...

All im saying is that i wanna revert back a Little bit. Price wise. Lets go back 2 or 3 years. Let it be S10 back to 750 eur and not 900eur or more. But when you say "premium look" by then it will mean that phone is automatically 200eur more expensier. When you say GG5 or 6 now, you will.have auto more expensive phone. Thats my point. Somebody started with this premium flagship shite everyone copied everyone raised prices. One plus one was 400 eur, now topping 800 eur in lets say 4years.

I read something on net, but go for quora. In india Sn845 was 103 eur. And belive they get discounts for buying a lot of them. So device was lets say lg v40, when came out phone was 800 eur.

  • Alvin

It’s new camera switch function.

VectorR, 27 Aug 2020That's true. I have big doubts that wannabe Pro Photog... moreThe zero effort on iPhone and Pixel means the photography lost the spirit/enthusiasm and left only a cloned image as they are same as each other. A photographer eye/minds wouldn't be so plain.

LucasN82, 27 Aug 2020"..not even get 30 fps burst." Not even? Which s... moreThat was a typo ;)
20 ofc.

  • LucasN82

Fearghast, 27 Aug 2020We will see, Xperia 5 II might not even get 30 fps burst."..not even get 30 fps burst."
Not even? Which smartphone has 20fps with AF-C and real-time?

Boy the 5 2 sure looks gorgeous... Honestly the bezel should make a comeback, I'm tired of all these notches and punch-holes, this is obviously more aesthetic solution, even if you lose 1% of the screen-to-body ratio...

Lucas N82, 27 Aug 2020Sensor of Xperia 1 II even without ToF have 247 phase-detec... moreWe will see, Xperia 5 II might not even get 30 fps burst.

Anonymous , 27 Aug 2020When you can't compete, what do you do? You accused ot... moreso does that mean anyone is forbidden to accuse someone in case of a bembezzlement? so any accuser is non competent and any accused is victim of jealousy.

what an idea Sir. praise and respect for you.

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Shui8, 27 Aug 2020"That they're very good at copying things, that t... moreWhen you can't compete, what do you do? You accused others of stealing and copying. This is what the west is known for.

  • Lucas N82

Fearghast, 27 Aug 2020 And Xperia 5 II will not have... moreSensor of Xperia 1 II even without ToF have 247 phase-detection AF points covering nearly 70% of the sensor. ToF is good for ultra low-light AF, but maybe Sony will put brighter lens or other tech help PD AF.

Kriegsherr, 27 Aug 2020if you look from one perspective, it is true as you said. b... more"That they're very good at copying things, that they're very good at organising things, that they throw large numbers of people at it. But they're not going to do anything new. They're very, very good at stealing, if you will, our stuff. Those prejudices need to be thrown out."

"The Chinese are just as good, and maybe better, in key areas of research and innovation as the West. They're putting more money into it. They are putting it in a different way, it is state-directed in a way that is different from the West. We need to get our act together to compete."

Eric Schmidt
- Ex CEO of Google, now working at Pentagon, make a statement about Huawei.

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Alluuu, 27 Aug 2020Sad, was really looking forward to this phone, specifically... moreMay I know which country you are from? Just curious where in the world in the word "garbage" is so frequently used. Never seen it here in the past but it has popped up with increasing frequency recently.

Kriegsherr, 27 Aug 2020if you look from one perspective, it is true as you said. b... moreIf I was one of those "innovators" then I would be proud that the technologies I and my colleagues had been putting efforts on inventing had became widespread and appreciated by millions of people, as long as other companies wouldn't infringe our patents. Now I do understand that some might feel differently, but quite frankly speaking I'm an end consumer after all therefore don't really give a damn about what employees of any smartphone manufacturers might or might not personally think about other OEMs.

"its also true that copycats should not steal ideas"
If it's just an "idea" that is legally owned by nobody then EVERYBODY should copy it as long as it's a good one. Just like Xperia's Eye AF or equivalent is a feature that every manufacturers should have in the future. Or Oppo's new real optical zoom solution. Innovation is facilitated by the fact that innovative technologies become quickly common and obsolete, and I'm all for it.

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