Redmi 9A tipped to come to India soon rebadged to Redmi 9i

28 August 2020
It will be the most affordable member of the Redmi 9 line once it launches.

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  • Arnav Bajwa

I think this will make for a solid smartphone choice for budget gamers with the integration of the mediatek helio G25.

  • Nitin

Would be rally good for the budget buyers with its mediatek helio g25 processor. The battery also looks great.

  • Anonymous

It's always nice to have more options so a consumer can make an informed choice. The Redmi 9A looks good for its price

  • Tusharma

Redmi, with its Mediatek gaming processors is making sure than Realme gets no space to breathe. Great marketing strategy.

Redmi has been adding decent and powerful gaming smartphones to the series. Redmi 9i will be another great addition to it with the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset.

  • Advanced03

KPL, 28 Aug 2020Xiaomi is launching such budget shit phones one after one..... moreThey do that on purpose, if the k30 ultra was released there would be no reason to buy the poco f2 pro and other xiaomi phones

  • Krishna

Micromax is going to launch mobiles, lets wait for them

Xiaomi is launching such budget shit phones one after one...but can't launch devices like K30, K30 ultra, Mi 10 lite....they have been always dumping their budget phones in India..Do they think Indians don't have money to buy their mid range/ flagships...pathetic!!!

Redmi 9a is very slow device.

Xiaomi is becoming like Samsung. Making so many similar phones

  • Anonymous


  • Foo

Just like Apple, they were dumping the unsold inventory in India

  • AnonD-949291

This year is getting crazy not just with covid but with these confusing redmi and realme line up, launching mobiles every week