Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 receives MIUI 12 Global Stable ROM

28 August 2020
A bunch of new features and optimizations are headed your way.

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Xiaomi favors developing towards "people's-choice" models. Unfortunately, Mix Series was a very niche device and was always kept "stable" (tends to stick towards older version) instead of being kept on the bleeding-edge (updated frequently). That has been Xiaomi's updating behavior ever since I have my Mi 5. Now, even the cheaper Redmi Note and Poco Series would be updated much quicker than the Mix. Priority depends on user traction.

  • Anonymous

Buy decent brands and get quick updates people,

  • Anonymous

Djstephano, 28 Aug 2020Shame on xiaomi i love my mi mix 3 5g and the fact they not... moreMe too.. i will never ever buy any xiaomi phone... I regret to buy this phone 📱.

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2020No miui 12 for a new phone (Note10 light). Phones with simi... moreBruh just wait a while. It will probably be out in a month.

  • Sajad

Redmi note 5 update please

  • Anonymous

No miui 12 for a new phone (Note10 light). Phones with similar hardware got it... What will happen after a year? No updates? Don't be like Samsung..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]No MIUI ads on mine in Europe

  • Flaros

Did they fix the phone rebooting randomly yet?

  • AnonD-896879

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2020With all new ads and spyware installed !lol even one ui has ads on it like music app and tons of bloatware, each company throw it's s...h...i...t on it bloatware from microsoft onedrive, power point............, samsung dex and more than other 15, and google also with gdrive and google photo and other 10 apps, they are atleast 30 bloatware, double what on miui,

  • jccg

I have the mi mix 3 and the updates was 887mb. Do you know why is the difference?? In the image shows 2.2gb

  • Djstephano

balthazar, 28 Aug 2020Poor Mi Mix 3 5G. Abandoned way too earlyShame on xiaomi i love my mi mix 3 5g and the fact they not get update is the reason i never buy xiaomi phone again,

  • Anonymous

Why my mi mix 3 got only 50% changed of miui 12, it's not like What you have been advertising

*Keep not Keto! Lol!!! 😁
Btw...no ads in global Rom!

Great update!!! I've updated my mi mix 3 three days ago and everything is very smooth!!! No bugs for me! Great job Xiaomi!! Keto it up! 👍

Poor Mi Mix 3 5G. Abandoned way too early

  • Anonymous

With all new ads and spyware installed !

  • Hmmm

That's a great news

They need to fix the transition issue with the video recorder on the Mi 8, ever time you record something that uses transition the screen recorded scene gets blurry. Now I understand why people said MIUI is a bug fest now I understand even the simplest of software like the browser, video, caller app, screen recorder and much more are unstable apps.