Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless noise canceling earphones review

31 August 2020
Is 2019's top wireless in-ear still worth purchasing in 2020?

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  • T3k

Don't buy the grey ones the case discolours really badly.

  • Chipero

I bought the WF-1000XM3 and the WM-1000XM3 together. Both the same shade of colour. They are both excellent products. I can either use the WM or the WF when I am out depending on the songs I want to listen to. The WF for me is comfortable for me to wear for almost 4 hours straight. Well, I am a basshead so both of these are quite weak in the bass area even when the clear bass is at +10.

  • IGI

bought only january 2020 and satisfied with my twe... some suggestions to fully enjoy your experience:

1.  to get the best comfort fit better invest on comply true grip pro foam tips.

2.  for phone calls use only 1 earbud at a time. the person your talking too will will hear you clearly rather than using both earbuds this is especially for noisy environments.

3.  use noise cancellation to get the best sound quality when listening to music or watching movies.

4.  utilize the sony app to get the full potential of the twe like the equalizer settings.

5.  maintain the cleanliness of the earbuds contact points with the charging case for a good battery lifespan.

6. protect the charging case with a good silicon cover againts accidental damages.

enjoy listening to your sony wf-1000xm3.

  • Anonymous

had a chance to try this out at a tech exhibition great sound with exceptional bass and treble but quite difficult to wear and it's doesn't sit nicely into the ear. if only sony make a better design of it

  • Keishan

I found they had better sound quality and noise cancelling than the airpod pro's, although like you said they're not very comfortable which was a deal breaker for me. They also felt too expensive if you know what I mean, they had no water resistance and fell out of my ears too easily to want to take them with me leaving home. Overall good earphones for home or transit, but I wouldn't recommend if you wear in any situation you do a lot of moving around

  • Anonymous

Nice tht gsmarena is reviewing True Wireless Headphones too. Now, I am waiting for Jabra 75t and Samsung Buds plus reviews.

  • Vikram

I too found these quite uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour. However I got the Comply True Grip foam tips (size M) and found them so much more comfortable. I can easily wear these for 2-3 hours at a stretch without discomfort, they seem to be more securely fit too. It's just a shame that I had to shell out more on eartips after spending so much on one of the most expensive sets of earbuds

  • Mada

ypcx, 01 Sep 2020i have the WF-1000XM2 and can't wear them comfortably ... moreI use my wf-1000xm3 for running all the time they fit and hold in the ear just fine my only issue is the lack of any splash resistance or water proofing after long runs they act up for a while till they fully dry

Larry, 31 Aug 2020I agree! I bought a pair for well over $200 and while they ... morei have the WF-1000XM2 and can't wear them comfortably for more than 5 minutes -- the way they are designed, they don't touch the ear lobe so their whole weight is resting on the ear canal. Due to that, they are impossible to use for running due to the massive microphonics.

I also have MDR-1000X (cracking headband, but mine is fine) and WH-1000XM2 ("fixed" creaking headband, mine creaks) -- they both are perfect sound isolation, but trash quality for calls.
I've bought a pair Bose QuietComfort 35 II and I've understood what I was missing out on all this time -- a product without flaws, more comfortable, and better usage ergonomics (just flip a switch to turn it on, instead of WAITING N seconds holding a switch to turn on the sony's) + the bose's pair to 2 devices at the same time (!!!!) and are much more comfortable.

Other products, i.e. flagship receiver STR-DN1070 7.2 (terribly underpowered CPU, totally lame UI), 4k player UBP-X800B had issues with sound not playing, etc, etc.

unfortunately in my long-time experience i'm discovering it's better to avoid Sony and Samsung.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020Their phone is a complete package this year. the phone may be an exception, yes.
but feature-wise, it's missing a periscope cam.

Hamburger, 01 Sep 2020It's not weird. It just mean your Note8 is dying.How could you say that if it's only 2 years old? Just so you know. I didn't drop it or submerge it on any source of water. And is still placed in the case.

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2020Why still got people review old tech like this after been o... moreDidn't you read his introduction? They're only just introduced to India where the reviewer is!

  • Hamburger

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Aug 2020I owned these. And I have connectivity issues when I'm... moreIt's not weird. It just mean your Note8 is dying.

  • Hamburger

Fearghast, 31 Aug 2020I know there is a Clear Bass option, but considering my exp... moreAccording to Sony, HSEE is to compensate for the lossy mp3 music. As to how well it works or sound, that is subjective. Good thing is you have an option to turn it off.

Better to find wireless earbuds or headphones that supports AptX HD or LDAC for better sound quality. And many on the market only has AAC.

Of cos wired is still best. :-D

  • Victor

Great review that seems objective. The battery life and charging are absolutely impressive. The sound quality and microphone seem OK. The price, size of the carry case, comfort and lack of IP make them a no for me. This is the first GSMA review (in the last few years) of a Sony device that I have found balanced and trustworthy. Reviewer, you know you could get fired for this? If you survive the axe, you may show it to the rest of the team and sort of nudge them towards such.

  • Anonymous

Why still got people review old tech like this after been out so long

  • Steve

Me, 31 Aug 2020I love these earbuds. Have them since last summer. Despise ... moreThanks for the comment, helping me decide on a true wireless set. Call quality is very important to me. They must be dual purpose for me.

  • MarshLight

ypcx, 31 Aug 2020sony has been garbage across their whole range of products ... moreAgreed, I emailed them with an issue and they emailed back with excuses. I followed up with 2 more emails and they blew me off. No further cookie cutter apologies / excuses. They just ignored me.
It was a quality of product defect.
Sony makes overpriced garbage these days.

  • B

i bought them as a Sony loyalist regardless of what anyone had to say. They never fit right. The sound was decent comparable to apple air pods. And the nail in the coffin was i paid over 230 for them at best buy when theyre 170 on amazon. Sennheiser are the best you can get. Completely happy with them all the way around.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020Chinese brands? All other name brand has ditched headphone ... moreLG didn't.
Not to mention every brand is chinese one in the core.
I love how "chinese" become an argument for every entitled fanboi to make a decision that would benefit their beloved brand and not themselfs :D
Those animals that goes baaah are certainly not exclusive to people that do not finish their apples.