Samsung Pay Card launches in South Korea with discounts

01 September 2020
Samsung's physical card is created in collaboration with MasterCard.

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  • Jason

I don't trust Samsung after they said my points expire when they ORIGINALLY didnt.

  • Anonymous

caddy, 01 Sep 2020dude, the main reason we or I want to use samsung pay becau... moreThis card is both offered physically and virtually via Samsung pay.

I bet this card is made from titanium

  • guest

the most important thing is "please top up your money to samsung"

  • caddy

dude, the main reason we or I want to use samsung pay because I dont need to carry a physical card and only need to take my phone with me.

This is just redundant and regressing, we all want everything accessible through only 1 thing/device and since phone we carry everyday, integrate it with my phone.

[deleted post]Well, for me, it can be spam.

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