Snapdragon 732G announced: 15% faster GPU, 100 MHz CPU cores

31 August 2020
The chip is still manufactured on an 8 nm process and features the same X15 LTE modem. 

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  • Anonymous

Why not call it just 730G+ ? It's exact same.

  • Snoobdragon

Snapdragon 732G should feature 1 cortex a76 at 2.5ghz, 2 cortex a76 at 2.2ghz and 5 cortex a55 at 2ghz. The Gpu clock speed should be at 200mhz higher than the stock speed (adreno 619)

It's Covid-19 Pandemic... everything slows down.
That's why the clock only raise 0.1GHz. :))

Alex 94, 01 Sep 2020Can u learn English at least? It's a nonsense to commu... moreWhat I said makes perfect sense. And then you said "a nonsense". Really? How could it be "a" before nonsense? No arguing with this fine man

Andreidinutu, 01 Sep 2020I don't see no expensive samsung having a mediatek, boyCan u learn English at least? It's a nonsense to communicate with u.

  • Anonymous

Speak everything you want. For me Snapdragon is the king. No MediaTek for me. I've used both.

  • Anonymous

Just another marketing spin,,, forget it,, no real advantage.

So literally an overclocked 730? Man, Snapdragon is dropping ball hard and so is Poco if the best cpu upgrade over the last gen they can make is literally 0.1 Ghz

Gusta, 01 Sep 2020Years ago.. people also said about this when comparing AMD ... morePc's have interchangeable cpu's. Consoles do not but consoles still offer the same amount of power, so they don't matter, again.
Amd is also american, thar's another reason why they grew up. Aaand they have been around since like 1970, they only started the ryzen thing 4 years ago, that's why they seem so new

Alex 94, 01 Sep 2020Mtk rules boy.I don't see no expensive samsung having a mediatek, boy

  • Gusta

Andreidinutu, 31 Aug 2020Haha who will go for the mediatek? Nobody wants it as a com... moreYears ago.. people also said about this when comparing AMD with Intel on pc and notebook segment. Now Ryzen series is already good and major gaming console use AMD's power.

  • Viper

hellenkiller, 01 Sep 2020Always amazing when those who can't spell or use propp... moreYeah actually u know english is my 4th language and i am still learning it.Don't think that everyone can speak english all around the world ita a language for the western people the asian people have their own language and for proper communication with outer world we have to learn english its not our first language

  • Viper

LG Superfan, 01 Sep 2020G90T uses 2+6 combo same as 730G and most phones with 730G ... moreThanks for correcting me actually in a site i have seen that 4+4 arrangement now i rechecked iton other sites and i saw it is 6+2 so thanx again

I'll just stay with 730G tqvm. The difference is too minute.

Another trash processor from Snapdragon and trash new phone who use this chip. For 4G the Sd730G and mostly Sd855+ is enough to end 4G spare time before 5G network boost in market. But all they do is making new downgrade 4G processor and claim themself 15% fast 30% fast just to improve sale.

Viper, 31 Aug 2020I think u don't know a processor is made.Inside it has... moreAlways amazing when those who can't spell or use propper language come down on others. Relax ... It will be just fine.

Andreidinutu, 31 Aug 2020Tell that to apple. And samsung about their exynos. People ... moreMtk rules boy.

Viper, 31 Aug 2020That 12nm g90t is not efficient at all plus it has 4large c... moreG90T uses 2+6 combo same as 730G and most phones with 730G scored around 100hrs mark with near identical specs (except Moto Fusion+ which scored higher) while the only phone with G90T scored 114hrs despite being 12nm if we really want concrete evidence we need more phones with G90T but from what we have right now we can assume G90T is efficient

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020Tons of things have influence on battery endurance. - s... moreOne problem we have is G90T is only available on three phone right now and only one has been reviewed as for your concerns
All phone I mentioned have around same screen size size, resolution and ppi(varying slightly)
Body size and material don't directly affect endurance rating but have to do with heat management which affects battery but Gsmarena test are done in controlled way so yes its kind of kept in control
Temperature or the day can again be monitored and I am sure it would be kept in check for battery test and usually really extreme temperature affect battery
All three phones have 6-8 GB RAM and 2GB difference will not significantly impact battery
UI management yes this can effect significantly and I check Realme X2(105), Redmi K30(114 at 60hz), Reno2(102), Mi Note 10(95), Mi Note 10 Lite(117), A71(102) and One Fusion+(136) all run 730G and most scored around 100hrs mark only One Fusion+ scored really high
Apps installed, yes it affects too but all phones are tested at factory setting and only apps installed are default bloatware which comes out of the box and since Moto has the least it could be why Fusion+ scored so high
Gsmarena test the phones at airplane mode so connection is no issue and brightness level is also fixed at 200nits so this has no effect on endurance rating
Gsmarena battery test is among the best and most scientific among many review sites because it is not just based on users usage it is done in controlled environment so phones tested are directly comparable
Since most phones with 730G scored near 100hr mark we can say that G90T is efficient despite 12nm and I am not saying 730G is inefficient all I am saying is if Mediatek uses 8nm their SoC will likely be more efficient than Qualcomm

Andreidinutu, 31 Aug 2020Haha who will go for the mediatek? Nobody wants it as a com... moreMediatek is being used on loads of newly released 5g phones lately. Huawei/Honor's new midrangers all use Mediatek's dimensity series. Xiaomi/Redmi are using it on many of their latest releases, Oppo and Realme also use dimensity series on a few phones as do Vivo/iqoo. They are definitely becoming more and more popular