The cheaper OnePlus Nord version (8/128 GB) is out of stock in most regions

01 September 2020
In India you can't even get the pricier 12/256 GB option (though that is still available in Europe).

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Not sure what kind of bullsh*t is OnePlus up to this time, but here in Czechia it's not even in top 50 most sold phones so it's obviously about having very little stock of the cheaper variant rather than high demand...

  • Jumpin Japak

Most of BBK's manufacturing capacity goes towards making Oppo & Vivo phones, very less is available for OnePlus & then they say Out of stock as if its selling a lot..

  • Anonymous

MrMegaManTV, 02 Sep 2020yesUse one ,you will be hooked.

  • KwantowyYebaka

Anders, 02 Sep 2020This doesn't mean it's beeb selling well. It coul... moreExactly as you wrote, this news is just marketing gibberish. a much better offer is 7t for the same money

Leaving all the oneplus destroyed what it stood for alone, this is actually a great phone. Great value for money

  • Anonymous

Nord 128gb variant costs 320€ in india. No wonder it is a good value for money when comparing with competition.

Android.Master, 02 Sep 2020Most overrated, overpriced mid ranger out there. yes

Yes bro.. it's selling at a good rate. I bought the OnePlus nord and it's amazingly beautiful, fast and reliable.. The camera is also good.

Most overrated, overpriced mid ranger out there.

  • Kc david

Really affordable phone
Although its still expensive in naira

  • Anonymous

Even the OnePlus 7T out of stock

The OnePlus Nord does indeed provide excellent value for money, so no wonder people are actually buying it.

This doesn't mean it's beeb selling well. It could be because they didn't make that many of that particular configuration to try to get people to buy the more expensive variant.
We all know for a fact no one is buying OnePlus phones in Europe that's way they massively reduced staff their