Omdia: iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone of H1 2020

02 September 2020
The Apple iPhone 11 outdid the previous best-selling smartphone, the iPhone XR.

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  • Anonymous

yes, 07 Oct 2020how come iphone is number 1 if android has a market share o... moreThat market share is from 1000 phones combined in reality Apple is as big as any other company so it's not surprising.

  • yes

how come iphone is number 1 if android has a market share of around 90%?

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2020From my experience most of those dynamic wallpapers or them... moreIkr, i used to do that but after I grown up,for me it’s so useless and I don’t have time to waste just to customise things that aren’t important at all. They also became laggy after certain i did some customisations lol. Yahh android phones are good sikess

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2020From my experience most of those dynamic wallpapers or them... moreKeep living in year 2011.

  • MrLong

iOS Never Again, 04 Sep 2020Huaxing S20U with periscope cam, a Galaxy S20 Ultra imitati... moreIf I told you that I'm actually using iPhone 11 as a daily driver, will this be an issue then? It's a $900 smartphone here. Costs as much as a Galaxy S20. Still running my Samsung until I can replace with another Android.

Oops, that makes is 5 out of 10 for Apple. Total in the top 10 68.8 million iPhones vs 46.7 million Androids. Quality pays and Apple leaves the scraps for Android.

  • Boggy-Stefy

[deleted post]Like what, widgets, app drawer? Those are not features.
Is time to wake up. Use those 100EUR Android phones than, see if you can make a phone call with them (without lost signal) or if the wifi and bluetooth work good all the time. lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2020Those 3rd party apps aren't crashing with Android. I ... moreWhy you make such a lie when even your report said that they are? facebook is second most crashing app in android. See also how with iOS google apps are in top 10 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2020"Android leading in marketshare while iOS leading in a... moreThose 3rd party apps aren't crashing with Android.
I wonder why? Maybe coz Android is simply more optimized than iOS.
All the Optimization PR campaign from Apple has been badly exposed in the real world.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2020iOS can only dream about being as advanced as miui . Can ... moreFrom my experience most of those dynamic wallpapers or themes are buggy resulting in slow performance. But yes, Android is all about playing with the os then it gets laggy, then revert to the default themes, wash rinse and repeat then you get bored of wasting so much time with customizing and grow out of it eventually.

  • Anonymous

Boggy-Stefy, 04 Sep 2020Ha, Android is leading in market-share with sub 300EUR phon... moreSame reason Apple sells tens of millions of smartwatches and wireless earphones and AppStore makes whole lot of more money than Play store, even when android marketshare should mean google beating Apple in all numbers. But the fact most android phones sold are those $200 cheap phones means those people aren't buying smartwatches, not spending money in appstore, not buying expensive wireless earphones.

What really matter is the value of users not size. Apple is getting the right users and android companies are collecting what is left by making hardly no money. Of course android boys always bring up the android market size because that's only number they have.

  • Boggy-Stefy

[deleted post]Ha, Android is leading in market-share with sub 300EUR phones. lol.
The average person in the World is poor or doesn't want to invest too much money in a phone. That is why they will buy Android phones, not because they are better, because there is no other choice in that price range.
Those 700EUR+ Android phones count maybe 10% of the total Android phones sold worldwide.
When comparing Android flagships sold numbers with iphones sold numbers you will see the real difference. But of course, no Android fanboy will make that comparison, because they will not like the results, lol.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]"Android leading in marketshare while iOS leading in app crashes.
So much noise for the so called optimized OS."

There's very easy explanation for this, Most people are running old android version. So there's not much changing over the years ;) iOS is very optimized and it's not Apple apps which crash, it's 3rd apps and it usually happens after new big iOS update comes and before App developers update their apps to support new iOS version. Overally apps crashing with iOS is really rare thing to happen. And it's quite funny that you talk something which is reported two years ago last time.

In other hand the same report said that most crashing with android happens with android core apps. I would be more worry about that.

MrLong, 03 Sep 2020Because Android has lots of price points and models. Bes... moreHuaxing S20U with periscope cam, a Galaxy S20 Ultra imitation, also comes installed with Android. $50 Haier phone also comes with Android. HDC iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with Android as well.

I personally never heard of such junk.
So which one of the above phone are you using as your daily driver?
My assumption is now confirmed about you using a 50 dollar smartphone.

  • Anonymous

MrLong, 04 Sep 2020What's MIUI and Funtouch OS? Copy of iOS and a catc... moreiOS can only dream about being as advanced as miui .
Can your iOS handle dynamic wallpaper or themes? lol it took them 10 years to deliver basic widgets and app drawer all of which are still half baked and full of bugs.
Even budget devices are embarrassing iOS in terms of software features and ease of use.

  • MrLong

[deleted post]What's MIUI and Funtouch OS?

Copy of iOS and a catchup like a dog. Shame it's still not properly optimised.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Samsung, Huawei year after year have been Iphone killers. ... moreI know it's infuriating to use an OS as outdated, restrictive and as limited as Apple's iPadOS and iOS. 6 years of updates and it's still the same restrictive, limited and non-customizable mess that it's in, which frankly, looks like a kids toy with huge icons and all that clutter.

And that overhyped raw bionic processor power? 99.9% of users won't even notice it because both flagship snapdragon processor and Apple's bionic processors are beyond the point where any additional speed becomes the limiting factor in multimedia enjoyment or office productivity. The processor speeds are already superfluous for 99.9% of users. The user's slower typing speed and slower thinking will actually cause more delays and more loss in productivity output and loss of multimedia enjoyment than the processor's number crunching speed/ability.

That my dear iPhone users / Bionic processor fans, is the truth. So don't be hurt if Gsm-arena said the bionic processor's crunching power doesn't make a difference in real life because the added speed really doesn't translate to a better user experience.

My father's iPad bending was the final nail in the coffin.
I decided to leave the iOS ecosystem permanently as I was already tired of the shortcomings of iPhone 11 pro Max in various departments (software wise shortcomings along with some hardware compromises).
Upgraded myself to the OnePlus 8.
pro. Cost me exactly half of the iPhone. I didn't even have to pay that. Sold my iPhone 11 pro Max at Rs. 55k (resale value for iPhone being good in my country) and added another 5k to buy 12gb/256gb model of OP8 pro. Never looked back again.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Ironic if it seems like you are also a fanboy, but an Apple one.are you an anonymous dumb troll or what? to say something logical that supports a specific brand is being a fanboy? or only bashing both the brands counted as being neutral?

i wrote what fanboys do, both ios and android. read before you reply.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Windows and I assume android is easier to transfer files bu... moreNever got any virus. Just take care of your devices.

  • Boggy-Stefy

[deleted post]So, you decided is better to post anonymous in here. Too many bans from gsmarena. Hmm, I wonder why? lol.
Don't worry, even in anonymous we know who you really are (wink wink). Your comments are the same, your style of writing is the same.
You do not even have the nerve to face this community. It is what you are, what you really were. A nobody. lol.