The Umidigi A7S is an Android Go phone with a contactless thermometer built in

02 September 2020
There's a shortcut key that can quickly launch the thermometer app whenever you need it.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020in 2033 i'm sure we will see Another phone from Umid... morei remember every 2weeks they was specified a new date for sending it.

Could made it thermo camera as well, wonder what is its resolution, 1pixel or sd but with no access like ir in oneplus...?

  • Anonymous

in 2033
i'm sure we will see Another phone from Umidigi with Helio P23 & 33GB Ram

after that big mess about alot of Delay to delivery Umidigi power3 to Customers who pre-sale it ( it takes about 4 Months even before starting corona virus, to send Umidigi power3 for customers)
& that sound problem when they start using it for first time.
(they even send free Umi Earbud to pologize)

but no i don't trust them anymore.

No umidigi in romania

Nice they should also implement this technology in smartwatches

Interesting and useful feature. But wasted on a crappy quad core Android Go phone

Nice idea. Little late though. And those specs. Should have been a feature in the flagships, instead of wireless charging.

It's probably not going to be very accurate, but I'd still gladly take an inacurate thermometer over the piece of sh*t garbage macro/depth sensors that all the manufacturers are pushing in entry/midrange these days.

Good idea. Good for hospital employees

  • cyber

finally,someone to put a usefull thing inside smartphone and cheap one

  • Anonymous

They should just call it the CoronaPhone

It's a great phone, but the 2GB of RAM is SMH