PUBG Mobile and 117 more Chinese apps banned by Indian Government

02 September 2020
All apps are expected to be removed from both Google Play and the App Store in the coming days.

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So India is showing their anti-China stance by behaving just like China? (China is famous for their extreme censorship). What a joke.

Censorship is bad, regardless of where it takes place, or what it's about.

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    • LLy
    • 02 Sep 2020

    no way ,,, most players of india only play pubg, this is shame for us

      Was Fortnite on the list?

        Glad they did. Now we wont have as many hackers on our european server
        All these asian peeps coming to the european server for some reason. And most of them are either hackers or very good players which europeans arent

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          • Rick Ross
          • sUU
          • 02 Sep 2020

          2 minutes of silence for all those who bought New High End Phone just to play PUBG on high settings. xD

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            • amit
            • X%k
            • 02 Sep 2020

            perfect shot by indian government....