Deal: grab a OnePlus 7T for just $399.99 if you act fast

02 September 2020
This deal is only available until September 3 at 11:59 PM.

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Nord is 💩 next to the almighty 7T

  • Anonymous

somebody, 03 Sep 2020Before you order phone from B&H website make sure you d... moreI am from Argentina and bought it (but while it was $450 T.T just 2 o 3 days before this discount). Until now seens to be not problem with DHL. It is already in my country but i will receive it in Monday.

  • KwantowyYebaka

It's better to buy the China version yourself

somebody, 03 Sep 2020Before you order phone from B&H website make sure you d... moreThinking to get it shipped to Pakistan. Would it be possible?

  • somebody

Before you order phone from B&H website make sure you do this first otherwise you blow money.
This is something new. I never saw this before:
This item may require a license or other authorization from the U.S. Government to be exported from the United States*. Without limitation, anyone purchasing this item is solely responsible for determining applicable export licensing requirements and for obtaining any licenses or other authorizations from the appropriate agencies of the U.S. Government necessary for exporting it, such as the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State. *Subject to control by the U.S. Commerce Control List (set forth in the Export Administration Regulations) or the U.S. Munitions List (set forth in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

In the article they did not list the widows peak feature...

  • Anonymous

If u can afford it go ahead

  • Anonymous

Screen and coberture fails. Worse post sale service. No thanks.

This is the probably the best buy of 2020

Absolutely brilliant phone for the price. Ignore the hate, it's unjustified.

[deleted post]Though I hate GOD, will try praying for your sake so you can lead a peaceful life at least from now on. Get well soon...

Ain't gonna put my hard earned money into buying this $hit. Those who wanna fall for this bait, good luck hope you have a nice life.

OnePlus Nord got killed by their own flagship from last year.

  • Duderino

Very good price for a very good phone

Way better buy than the Nord nonsense.

  • Anonymous

Very good