Huawei announces Enjoy 20 and Enjoy 20 Plus with Dimensity 720 5G

03 September 2020
The Plus version also comes with 90Hz refresh rate and Mate 30-like design.

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  • gejamaphoyinti

I love this modale

  • Anonymous

Plz bring it to Pakistan
Waiting for my first Huawei

  • Smallworld

MobiIemaster, 04 Sep 2020Where's the front camera ??It's a pop up camera, look closely.

  • Anonymous

MobiIemaster, 04 Sep 2020Where's the front camera ??Why need front camera? Back camera is good

Where's the front camera

hwklap, 03 Sep 2020K30 ultra and X7 pro can easily beat these with dimensity 1... moreTrue. Unfortunately the k30 ultra is still not available for its regular price though(apart from pot luck flash sales) due to insufficient stock and high demand. If cameras are a priority honor probably also has better options than the enjoy lineup, k30 ultra or realme x7 pro for a similar price

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020for value of money, in others word how much u pay & wha... moreYeah, depends on your priority. For people who want to go for Huawei there is better value available in their honor range with phones like the honor x10 and Honor 30s. The x10 has a stronger main camera and the Honor 30s has a better overall camera set-up. Depends on your priorities and which brand you prefer

  • Bojase

I'm really enjoying Huawei phone since with Huawei mini till today, now I'm on P smart, so I'm looking forward to use Huawei enjoy or enjoy plus, bring it in south Africa (MZANZI)

enjoy 20 plus is great package for that money!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020for value of money, in others word how much u pay & wha... moreyou wanna pay more than 300$ & under 400$

POCO F2 PRO 6/128


  • NotRlly

sadh, 03 Sep 2020Imagine taking mirror selfie with this iPhone clone and loo... moreiPhone clone ? You mean the square camera module that first came out with Huawei Mate 20 series? Sure iPhone clone.

  • Ioannis

20:9 screen, more of a tv control than a phone, useless for browsing, messaging, reading, gaming, watching a movie. For girly hands only hahaha

  • Anonymous

Tinfoil marvels, as always, you pay cheap, you get exactly that, looks somewhat nice, performs decently for a while, when usage begins to acumulate, all these cheapo marvels show the ugly true, cheap is always cheap

  • hwklap

K30 ultra and X7 pro can easily beat these with dimensity 1000, 120hz, amoled display and google service... good luck huawei enjoy...

  • Dometalican

Not bad on the budget segment actually. Here's hoping that it has a ton of LTE bands at least.

But...please tell me this wasn't all Huawei was offering today. I thought they were unveiling the new Kirin...

  • Anonymous

for value of money, in others word how much u pay & what u get in return
Redmi 10x 5G
Redmi 10x pro 5G

absolutely they are better options, in all aread, specially they have Google play
10x 5G>>>> starting price 246$
10x pro 5G>>>> starying price 341$

And vanilla Enjoy 20 is useless

Honor 30S and Honor X10 are much better deals though Enjoy 20 plus has better design and Enjoy series is usually rebranded to Y9 series so this might be the rumored Y9a

So basically they made a worse Redmi 10x 5G, slapped a $100 higher price tag on it, with the only better thing being a pop up camera.

  • Anonymous

cheapsk8, 03 Sep 2020Resolution is discernable only when reading text. Anyway, p... moreHuawei is best in everything except in signal in rural areas. Its signals in rural areas are soooooooo weak.