Apple highlights privacy commitment in quirky new ad

03 September 2020
Some things shouldn’t be shared.

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No end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups and Apple wants to talk about privacy lol

  • MrLong

[deleted post]Just go back to a Microsoft Windows phone.

  • Anonymous

MrLong, 04 Sep 2020iOS has built-in firewall, no need for installing 3rd party... moreXiaomi does collect data from their phones so no privacy.
About samsung knox: It helps protect your system and allows you to use an isolated,encrypted zone for your workspace. In case the phone finds that an unofficial system is running, the e-fuse trips, locking the data in the protected phone for good. So it is a good thing since it protects your data from thieves.

  • Whocares

They forgot to show people who cared about that private info, or anyone's info for that matter.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020anything connected to the internet and that has an os syste... moreNope. It requires a bug or a flaw in the system, to get some help. One doesn't come and say 'alright, let's hack'.

There's a reason why bug bounties are paid in tremendous amount. No system is bug free.

cut the crap apple 😐 handicapped os with privacy gimmicks lol

  • Anonymous

Only privacy with VPN, but apple hates VPN apps, so... tell much about their privacy.

I feel sorry for Lee

  • Anonymous

6ix, 04 Sep 2020Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about... morePeople who think Apple doesn't steal their data are living in LA LA Land where they haven't read the terms & conditions.

6ix, 04 Sep 2020Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about... moreYou are a good example why Apple users are considered less intelligent than Android users.

Just one easy to find example of Apple's so-called "privacy", and the bullshit "what happens on your phone, stays on your phone"

  • Real.Talk

6ix, 04 Sep 2020Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about... moreSo with that said, for future reference, I suggest you watch yo 6ix ;)

  • Real.Talk

6ix, 04 Sep 2020Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about... moreUnless eating someone elses' bitten apple is your thing then I guess that's your definition of smarter which only exclusively applies to YOU


  • Real.Talk

6ix, 04 Sep 2020Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about... moreSince when does smarter equate to falling for a bitten apple?

Lmao, the ad was trying to shade one particular thing about android and that is google sells information fin exchange for well suited ads and search content across the internet which is why google products works like sorcery, apple doesn’t have a search engine, Siri is nowhere near google assistant thanks to what android is doing with your data, that’s why it’s literally information for service on google,and Apple can’t match that part,they wouldn’t try either cause they don’t sell or share consumer data, that’s what the ad is talking about not all these misinformed talks from fanboys, look iPhone users are said to be smarter than android users, here’s why, cause we were once android users too, maybe sometimes you all need to chill sometimes, there’s a lot of misinformed talks on here, it sucks, you should be smarter

  • Real.Talk

Andreidinutu, 03 Sep 2020Meh who cares about privacyThat " who " is only YOU

  • MrLong

Android.Master, 04 Sep 2020On Android one can install a proper firewall and take care ... moreiOS has built-in firewall, no need for installing 3rd party firewall apps. Only Samsung (Knox), Google, and Xiaomi offers a proper firewall you can trust, built-in as well. No other brands can be trusted.

ColorOS privacy app is unclear, just like UC Drive which potentially sells data to China servers and misuse that data. Xiaomi browser has been caught doing so while one of its spokesman has tried to defend this argument and only then added a privacy toggle for secret browsing, which you can't even trust.

There are few parallel apps in the App Store. Official and free to download without any risks. Without jailbreak.

At the end of the day $200 Oppo smartphone you are using goes into the dustbin. Straight into the dustbin.

  • jomar

PRIVACY is important , is the safest way to keep safe credit card

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 04 Sep 2020On Android one can install a proper firewall and take care ... moreiOS, like macOS, includes the pf firewall.

It is the most heavily used firewall in history, responsible for protecting a majority of the internet, written, documented and maintained by the incredible OpenBSD team.

That is as "proper" of a firewall as exists anywhere.

Andreidinutu, 03 Sep 2020Meh who cares about privacyThe real and proper question you should ask is :
"Who know the real consequences of the lack of privacy ?"

Many peoples only think collected data are just used for targeted ads, which was true a while ago, but since quite some time now, collected data have a way bigger impact than just ads, those information have gained so much value, almost all companies can't afford to waste that potential income, and they'll sell those data without asking what it is for, and since it is illegally done, it can literally be used for anything, including blackmail and identity thief.

The same way you can buy someone's passwords, or at least all those who have leaked and are relative to an email address, you can buy personal data, from simple IP address or location to messages, audio samples and front camera snapshots.
By the way, there are many websites allowing you to analyse known Deep Web databases to check for association between your Email address and leaked passwords, please do run those checks and change immediately your exposed passwords !!!
Passwords managers like LastPass or Dashlane also have this feature.

All the leaked informations can have a consequence ranging from nothing more than targeted ads to literally allowing your government to turn into a dictatorship, and don't ever think that your country, regardless which one it is, is immune to that, yes I am referring to you Americans.
Please everybody, educate yourself about the dangers of the lack of privacy and inform everyone about it, because the issue with privacy is that many peoples ignore why it is important to defend it !

Here are some ressources explaining all that way better than I can :

Edit :
Also, so you realize HOW FAR the capability of accessing data can goes, here is a nice educational video about it by an expert :
And someone who know a great deal about it explaining how and why custom Android versions aren't 100% privacy protecting :

MrLong, 04 Sep 2020Apple offers more privacy (slightly) but these days (as sho... moreOn Android one can install a proper firewall and take care of privacy & security unlike restricted iOS where all your data is being sent via system app or regular apps.
Android allows user security in their own hands, iOS does not.

Plus on devices with color OS, you have protection features where empty list of contacts, calls, other data, etc is sent to apps like truecaller, payment apps which need permession to these for working, etc.

Also so many Android skins have feature called as second space to give you two profiles on the OS thereby protecting your personal data when you hand over your phone to someone.

As usual iOS users will call all these features half baked and gimmicks until they get it on their phones.