Nokia 9.3 PureView’s official clear case obtained by retailer, launching soon...ish

04 September 2020
The Nokia 9.3 PureView has been delayed for months, but we’re expecting an announcement soon.

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  • Syerin

bloganchoi, 04 Sep 2020Nokia is a legendary phone brandWas.

  • Anonymous

Lightning2.0, 04 Sep 2020Wait, how clear is this clear case? It's almost invisible!You can't see because no one posts it :D

  • Asim

Just waiting for nokia 6.3 and 7.3😊

Nobody believes such rumors about Nokia and HMD anymore. They claimed the same things about Nokia 8.3 and its presence on Amazon Germany. This phone still isn‘t available after seven months. Nowhere. Now we have IFA but still no sign of any new Nokia phone, except a low end phone nobody is interested in. Sad, but Nokia seems to be dead again.

HMD Nokia Pureview is a very niche and expensive Nokia phone. One way they can ace their competition is with Sony sensors (if they really like non-standard Bayers) since Sony has now resolved the AF issue hardware-wise with their Quad Bayers. Opting for Samsung's 108MP sensors would put the Pureview in the foot of early S20 Ultra which was a disaster lately. Now, if Nokia has taken notes from S20 Ultra, I would assume that they resolved those issues software-wise before release (giving them benefit of the doubt).

Really cannot wait for the official release. It's about time HMD Nokia make a flagship phone that can produce equally stellar photo quality to the Lumia 950/950 XL and Lumia 1020. Up until now, there is no single Android or iOS smartphones out there that can outclass those Lumia in terms of photo quality.

umeshk, 04 Sep 2020What mass production...? Lols... They will make a fail prod... moreLol, speak for yourself:

Even last year's 9 PureView saw a lot of sales.

Wait, how clear is this clear case? It's almost invisible!

What mass production...? Lols... They will make a fail product, no ones gonna buy it.

  • dishonored

ok well if you release these as a decent camera phone it doesnt mater here to be the best but you need to show you're self here
a decent underscreen camera not a rubbish child camera
8-12gb of ram no 6gb (at least if you decide to do a 6 put a sd855+ for 400$ with 90hz)
4350mha at least with 45W charging or 35w at worse
90hz if you put 60hz then say bye bye to any sell
max price 850$ go above and its instant death their are more powerfull best feature phones then you're's

  • Anonymous

Let's hope Nokia get it right this time, so far they've released rubbish flagships

Nokia is a legendary phone brand