Android 11 now available for Pixel phones

08 September 2020
Also available as beta for select OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, and Xiaomi devices.

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Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020The article claims, incorrectly, "The new Bubbles feat... moreI was curious about this claim since I was sure Facebook Messenger introduced this feature first, so I looked it up and found these two news stories, both of which claim that Paranoid Android stole this feature from Facebook.

I also found other articles that reference Facebook's Chat Heads in stories about Paranoid Android, not the other way around.

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Google BS. Pixel 3 owner 3 days after the release and nothing. So much for the timely updates.

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Furiounx, 09 Sep 2020Yeah that's very true. I think at this point Android c... moreOnly so much development that is actually meaningful left to do on both Android and iOS. The rest of it is just marketing department crying for new features to sell. Tbh Android needs to get to point where it can sip power like iOS or at least a fork of Android where this can be done to grab those that like and appreciate smaller handsets which get less battery due to size constraints.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020People! BOYCOTT Android 11! Never update to Android 11, nev... morewhy are u against android 11?

BigDisplay, 09 Sep 2020😂 Nope, never ever, i keep away from most of the US stuff,... moreyeap. keep looking for specs...that's the most noob person talking about smartphones.
Do you understand that a phone without proper Software is a rock nothing more.
The most important thing a phone have it is software. unfortunately most reviews don't have a clue about's easier to read specs and compare them. But is kind of dumb doing only that because we don't work on specs. In my Htc u11 I could open my flashlight without unlocking the phone just press it on the sides nothing more.,...I used it every day and missed that feature when I bought my pixel 4 that still have the sides to press but limited. On my pixel 4 I can have the music's that are playing without unlocking also because it gives me the singer and music in my locked screen. Sending someone a text that I saw in a webpage, or sending a all webpage is butter with the pixel 4. Most producted phone I've used and I had a Blackberry. I had a borrowed Chinese OPPO for a week wile I was on the hospital, and I regret it every second I picked. It had amazing battery and that predictable because I spent much more time on it than my pixel 4 for doing the same things. Even to not turn screen wile I was in the bed was a Nightmare with the OPPO. In my pixel took me 1s. Pixel bonus is that I already have android 11 for 3 months. People will wait more 3 to 1 year for updates and upgrades to better work. keep looking to specs.....that count's zero to me.

Is it just me or battery life is little bit better on android 11? Pixel 4 user

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People! BOYCOTT Android 11! Never update to Android 11, never buy any phone with Android 11! Also boycott non-removable battery phones! Also boycott phones that do not have 3.5mm jack connector! If people were smart they would boycott these things. But since people are primitive animals, sheeps, NPCs they won't boycott. They still continue buying the junk stuff.

Android 11 is the WORST Android version ever. It restricts your access to the filesystem on your own phone. You can't access the storage/emulated/0/Android/data and /obb folders anymore. This means if you download a game you can't move the .obb file from /download to /obb folder anymore. This means you can't copy/paste/backup the app data, the .obb files, the saves of games that store the saves in that folder.

Android 9 is the 2nd worst Android version!

It removes another most important, essential feature, the call recording feature.

The forever best Android version is the Android 8. Android is getting worse with each update since Android 9.It is becoming an iOS clone.

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The article claims, incorrectly, "The new Bubbles feature, an absolute rip-off of the Facebook Chat Heads."

In fact, this feature was first introduced in the custom ROM Paranoid Android, about ten years ago. Facebook ripped it off from there.

As is often the case, new UI features appear years earlier in the open source software world, often on the Linux Desktop, then get picked up by mainstream proprietary companies, which get credit for their great "innovation," because journalists don't know anything about the world of open source software.

In any case, since the bubbles feature first appeared in Paranoid Android, Google has more of a claim to it than Facebook, because at least it was originally an Android feature, albeit form the world of custom Android ROMs.

  • Jimbob

Umm why on earth did they move the power off options to the top??? 3 giant buttons now

Blackkk Mamba , 10 Sep 2020Stock ROM skips practically all the useful features that ar... moreYep seriously i trying aosp for period of time and the feature is lackluster need a ton of mod to even make it usable for me. In my opinion miui is the best one the customization and feature is useful. Htc sense is good too

  • Blackkk Mamba

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Stock android is always 4 years behind the modified UIs. ... moreStock ROM skips practically all the useful features that are more likely to be present on other Android skins (irrespective of whether they are light or heavy skins).

People who brag about stock ROM being better usually lack experience of using different Android skins (especially skins from 2020).
I run my own shop selling phones from different brands, so I know what I am talking about.

I have used All type of phones as daily driver in the past decade.
About 30-40 phones over a period of time mostly flagships.

In 2020, I'll rather use one ui, miui, zen ui based Androids over stock OS which lacks latest features and is basically playing catchup.

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JoshLee, 09 Sep 2020Hope they increased the animation speedAnimation speed can already be sped up in Settings developer options.

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if any chance to k20 pro to get android 11

acemang, 09 Sep 2020yeap....keep going with your crap never used ... more😂
Nope, never ever, i keep away from most of the US stuff, don't trust or like this hypocrite country at all.
And btw, reviews... It's enough looking at the specs, nothing speciel 😜

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Following afternoon and still no update.
So wanting to put up for sale but I want to see if wireless auto works.

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--voltaire9, 08 Sep 2020Installing now on our Tmobile 4XL and 3a!! Although wife c... moreCouldn't care meant to say surely

travstr, 09 Sep 2020only if you buy stock devices. Samsung for example is const... moreYeah that's very true. I think at this point Android changes are negligible and it's only really hardware I'm to be excited about.

uk7866, 09 Sep 2020Sadly it's true. This newest version has hardly anythi... moreYep. For casual users like me (not that I'm getting the update) the only useful thing I've seen that'd make a meaningful difference is the smoother app opening animation for landscape apps.

Get ready to beta test a bunch of issues for free :D

Where is the "Airdrop like feature"? Its one thing that is very useful yet not baked natively