Next Oppo UI to be called ColorOS 11, launch scheduled for September 14

09 September 2020
There will be an event where all the new features will be introduced via a live stream.

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  • 13 Oct 2020

Why Oppo mobile team Oppo f9 get Android 11 update

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    • 19 Sep 2020

    Oppo reno 2 update 11 android

      Aierlan, 10 Sep 2020Yeah, probably Think the newer phones have a different method of turning it on.

      "If two-finger long press does not trigger translation, this function may not be turned on, and we need to turn on the “Smart Screen”. If you don’t know which one to set , please open the setting—Smart Assistant—Smart Screen"

        LG Superfan, 10 Sep 2020Usually Huawei mid range have some features stripped off co... moreYeah, probably

          Aierlan, 10 Sep 2020Maybe, or maybe they've changed it on newer models. It... moreUsually Huawei mid range have some features stripped off compared to flagship so possibly it got stripped too

            LG Superfan, 10 Sep 2020HiTouch feature in setting is only showing shopping feature... moreMaybe, or maybe they've changed it on newer models. It was on all the 20 series flagships (Mate and p series). Not sure beyond that. I really miss the feature on my current phone as I use translations a lot. Might go into a Huawei store to see if it's on the p40 series

              Aierlan, 10 Sep 2020I gave my old phone to a family member and just borrowed it... moreHiTouch feature in setting is only showing shopping feature where you tap and hold with two fingers and it shows online store of anything similar to what's displayed on yout screen
              Translation could be a flagship only feature

                LG Superfan, 10 Sep 2020I tried on my brothers P30 Lite (using to write the comment... moreI gave my old phone to a family member and just borrowed it. It definitely works on the p20 still. touch with 2 fingers and hold. However, this has a Chinese Rom so I'm not sure if it's available on the global rom but based on Huawei's website it should be. Supports loads of languages. Not sure if all models support it as the following is from Huawei's website for the Mate 20x based on emui 10. You need to enable Hitouch first though.

                Here are the steps:
                hen browsing a web page or email written in a foreign language, touch and hold the screen with two fingers to bring up the Translate screen. All onscreen text will then be translated.

                Go to Settings > Accessibility features > HiTouch , and enable HiTouch.

                Touch and hold the text you wish to translate with two fingers spread slightly apart, then select Translate screen.

                Select the source and target languages.

                If the page is longer than the screen, touch to take a scrolling translation of the whole page.

                When the translation is complete, touch the screen to switch between the original and translated texts.

                Touch to copy the translation, then touch to share or save it.

                  Aierlan, 10 Sep 2020Don't think so. I didn't try use Google lens bef... moreI tried on my brothers P30 Lite (using to write the comment) and neither double tap or 3 finger hold is working (could be because the page is already in english?)

                    LG Superfan, 09 Sep 2020Like Google lens? Don't think so. I didn't try use Google lens before as Google is blocked where I live so it's too much hassle to use Google apps for things you need to use frequently. Tried it though after you mentioned it out of curiosity. Both Huawei and Oppo have the same sort of thing as Google lens as well built into their camera app/system at least on Chinese Roms.

                    For the translation, I was referring to on EMUI though you don't need to open the camera apk or anything else on EMUI for the translation. When you are just using an app or browser on something you want to translate you could just double press (if I remember correctly, maybe it was a 3 finger press) and hold for a second or so and it could translate whatever was on the screen of your phone whether in images or normal text directly.

                    Personally found it very useful and I haven't found another way of doing it yet on my current Oppo device (now I need to take screenshots and open Oppo's translation software and then import the image. This is sometimes time-consuming as you might have to take numerous screenshots in the same article). I think Vivo might have a similar type of tool to Huawei as well, as I saw a review mentioning it but I've never used a Vivo device.

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                      • 10 Sep 2020

                      That latest colorOS was getting closer and closer to Oxygen OS accompanied with cherry picked traditional features from previous color OS versions.
                      It's no longer the heavier skin.
                      I see it becoming even more refined in the next versions.

                        Huh, its cool

                        I love all phones that's why

                          Aierlan, 09 Sep 2020Where you can translate text or images directly e.g. by pre... moreLike Google lens?

                            Dont hold your breath. Reno 2 got Android 10 roughly 7 or 8 months later and some models still dont even have it yet. Oppo are absolutely useless at updates.

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                              • 09 Sep 2020

                              When come Android 11 on oppo f15

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                                • 09 Sep 2020

                                My reno 2 doesn't even have android 10 yet xD...

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                                  • 09 Sep 2020

                                  Didn't oppo say two years ago that ColorOS will have its own numbering and will never align it's version number with Android?

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                                    • 09 Sep 2020

                                    Yes yes get it rolling

                                      Sad that current Oppo actually gives a damn about updates. Old oppo used to ignore even it's best specs phones (the R series) at the time. I had R9 Plus and they gave 2 updates and only 1 version upgrade. Now they give 2 version upgrades and much more updates.

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                                        • 09 Sep 2020

                                        A9 2020 Indonesia get OS 11 too?