FCC reveals Realme Watch S Pro photos and specs

09 September 2020
The specs come from the user manual. There's still no word on when the watch will be fully unveiled (so far there is only a teaser from IFA).

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46 mm in diameter...
This is bigger than Galaxy Note Ultra Plus mega giga.

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    • Anonymous
    • st9
    • 10 Sep 2020

    Wow, the user interface or better said the watch face on the picture looks exactly the same as on the first Samsung gear sport! Laf, should ban them from selling the watch. Damn bandits.

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      • Anonymous
      • NXq
      • 09 Sep 2020

      What about battery life??

        Can anyone mention whether this will have call answering feature (Not call reject/silence)?

          Nice design if it cost around the same as a smartband I might buy it

            Looks like my Watch GT2

              So much bang for buck in this, it will literally bang on the user's arm