Samsung Galaxy M51 arrives in India, price starts at INR24,999

10 September 2020
It's powered by the Snapdragon 730G SoC and packs a massive 7,000 mAh battery.

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  • Chintoo

Amazing. M51. How come Samsung using Sony sensors.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020If you using One UI really, like I have 2 phones (A51 and A... moreActually that is incorrect, there is an app in the playstore called package disabler pro, you can disable any bloatware in samsung devices.

sd 730g is a very capable processor. My A71 just flies on One UI 2.1 . Also battery drain is minimal compared to oneplus 7 or Nord.

Finally a Samsung phone with Snapdragon and not exyshit.

  • Anonymous

arun5959, 12 Sep 2020Phone weighs 215 gms. Please keep that in mind. We know that it is light for a phone with a 7000 mAh battery. No need for you to remind us.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020I don't know what are u speeking about i saw most xiom... moreAgreed

Phone weighs 215 gms. Please keep that in mind.

  • Anonymous

KrishSaxena, 11 Sep 2020For a mid-range phone the SD 730G is a pretty basic process... moreWhat fo you want for 340 euro a 865 plus this is on budget what do you want more it has a 7000 mah battery, sd 730g, reverse charging great ui and the best amoled display in the market. It has a headphone jack and its 210 grams

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020I don't know what are u speeking about i saw most xiom... moreProblems on samsung phones are not as common like xiaomi vivo or other brands they dont try to put everything in a 200 dollar phone they care about quality. If you ar3 on a budget you are gonna want a phone thats gonna last you

Arkiki Langstang, 11 Sep 2020In India business is politic and politic is business never ... moreWhy would I get angry. I have nothing to do with your life and you have nothing to do with my life either. So, it's not a matter of getting angry or anything else...

And coming back to the point, here you are mixing two things...
1) The topic that we actually are talking about, manufacturing in India
2) Doing business in India

First one, India doesn't produce most of the components that are being used in a mobile phone. All these are being imported and being assembled here, so these phones are better called as "Assembled in India" phones rather than "Made in India" or "Manufactured in India".

Second one, I know how businesses work in India and also how the people in power loot money from anyone who wants to do business in India, so I will not go there.

And the main point of contention here, difference in pricing of products belonging to an established business and to a cheap Chinese business...
The difference you have mentioned in your comment is fully justified in going for the established player because when a new company coming in to establish itself in this market may be providing latest and greatest with respect to components that are visible in it's spec sheet, but they will have to definitely cut corners in many other places which are not visible or noticeable to the end-user (customer). It is here where the customer is getting duped by these cheap Chinese companies. And the customer is unable to see this until he falls prey for these cheap tactics.

Finally, what I wanted to say is, it is human tendency to go for novelty and once there the human ego will make him stand by his decision (even though he has been duped). And this is how these people will be funding the R&D stuff of these cheap startups.

vem, 11 Sep 2020If you had used it, then you would know. I experienced once... moreIn India business is politic and politic is business never expect good phone to come from India.
Phone will cost Rs.10k and addition many tax and extra money for politician ruling party to save company license and for selling price wil come not less than Rs18k. Who will buy Rs.18k when china sell same phone at Rs.14k. For example Farmer sell potato at Re.1 per kg and customer buy from market at min Rs25 per kg. They will blame farmer not paying tax.
Im just saying bro dont get angry.

  • Nitin

Honestly, one of the most overpriced smartphones of this season. Having Snapdragon in Samsung is a terrible disadvantage in the aspect.

  • KrishSaxena

For a mid-range phone the SD 730G is a pretty basic processor with not enough capabilities

  • The Smart Idiot

vem, 11 Sep 2020If you had used it, then you would know. I experienced once... moreWhich Chinese phone did you buy before?

vem, 10 Sep 2020Although I agree with you regarding the battery capacity an... moreYou're right about the brand recognition, but the duration? I don't think so. In countries like India, OP is being recognised as a brand that is almost on par with Samsung. They captured the top spot in premium smartphone segment a couple of times.

Even the Nord with its ridiculous hype made many people aware that there is a good choice to buy. So, it'll take some more years maybe for OnePlus to be recognised as a Samsung level brand. That's what I think.

If OnePlus isn't Chinese, I think it would've been recognised already/sooner.

  • Anonymous

Muthu, 11 Sep 2020I meant Brand value, and I agree that it is a debatable one... moreYeah everyone has different taste and choice.I never called u a samsung fanboy.I respect your personal opinion.But my personal opinion is for me brand value means nothing.I saw some teardown videos and i saw samsunga and other brands use same material to build the phones(the internal parts).Samsung surely has upper hand in display part the os part and the battery part

  • Lolz

vem, 11 Sep 2020Of course, I know how to live a peaceful life with best UI,... moreCalling me crap doen"t make u less crapier.U love samsung thats fine but why are u spreading wrong information.U love samsung sorry u are a fanboy of samsung that doen't make the other brand phones bad or worse.

Arkiki Langstang, 11 Sep 2020You mean that Chinese phone work only for 2 years below. Yo... moreIf you had used it, then you would know. I experienced once and will never set my hands on another again. It's the worst after sales support. They are like buy and throw (if any issue) kind of phones, that is how the cheap Chinese brands are minting money, whether you deny it or not, that is the fact.
And get your facts correct before talking about phones being manufactured in India.
If you don't know how they are built, then stop commenting instead of making a fool out of yourself.

  • Anonymous

vem, 11 Sep 2020Whichever processor they might provide you with for so less... moreI don't understand what U are saying.If those device have some problem them go to the care and fix it its easy.U faced a problem that doen't mean everyone will have same problem.And u can use those phones for atleast 2years and more

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020Yeah for USD 250 samsung provides exynos 9611 and the other... moreWhichever processor they might provide you with for so less money, those handsets are not reliable and no where can you go after purchasing it and having an issue. This is how they crap the market and try to steel money from people. You may fall prey for such tricks, but not me.