Samsung Galaxy M51 arrives in India, price starts at INR24,999

10 September 2020
It's powered by the Snapdragon 730G SoC and packs a massive 7,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

Aarav, 10 Sep 2020Mate, this site is filled with Samsung haters. I mean its q... moreYeah bcoz its plastic all round, back, frame everything is plastic
Samsung probably made the buttons plastic too seeing their track record
Don't compare with asus zf7, mi 10 etc they are glass and metal (quality boi)

pufanu, 10 Sep 2020Why are 90% of the people commenting here either children, ... moreSo go and find a good comment section in another website ..and leave us alone

  • Richter

Fredwinia, 10 Sep 2020i am a normal phone user and will explain why i think this ... moreIgnore these Xiaomi soyboys..This is a great phone at a reasonable price point, especially if you want reliability & peace of mind with Samsung's after-sales support..

i am a normal phone user and will explain why i think this phone is good. and what ...for me is missing.

first you got a huge battery.. thats for me important.
then a good camera.
then you have service centres all over the place when something goes wrong.
then you have a great screen. samsunbg has the best screens.
design much better then those realme disco phones. really was thinking about a realme 6 pro but they look awfull much too shiny. but oke that is subjective.

missing utra fast charging.

and i guess phone fast enough for me.. which i do not npotice when surfing gthe web instagram and fb and other vstuff.

i tried xiaomi but screem worsened after a couple of moths ..yellow sport near the edges. so that is a no go for me..
had asus.. also good with big battery.

but tell me what should i buy instead what is better for me?

by the way i just compared an apple 11 with samsung m21.. how should i notice difference in processor?

can someone explain me how you notice the difference bvetween a fast and a slower processor. really i do not notice difference. just tried it with guy with with apple 11 and my old phone. maybe just maybe a fraction of a second when opening an app?

any processor will do for me.. i never notice the difference. just waste of money those utra fast processors. for what do you need them.. beats me.

Does it have wireless charging?

Clean mono color looks much better than those cheap gradients we see everywhere.

  • Abi

Wow, Samsung finally used a decent soc in one of its phones for India. I do see a fair few people buy this phone but see a lot more get something else.

  • Anonymous

emcee, 10 Sep 20201. It's effectively ₹ 22,999($ 305) , get one of your ... moreYea i agree with everything you said its just that this comment section is filled with xiaomi fanboys they just hate samsung for no reason. Like just look at the new poco phone it has and lcd display and it has a 5000mah battery and it weights more than m51 with 7000 mah battery and the new poco phone will have a lot of problems like all the other xiaomi phones.if you want quality get smth from a good brand

Why are 90% of the people commenting here either children, ignorant, mentally challenged or bots? Cheap SD730 phone bad, costlier SD8XX phone good, hurr durr. Well duh! This is, by far, the worst comment section I've ever encountered.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020Another trash from Sammy. Good luck. K20 Pro is still the r... moreking in your kingdom only

  • Anonymous

Plastic back at this price is not justified. I would rather go for K20 Pro it is absolute

  • AnonD-949291

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020Another trash from Sammy. Good luck. K20 Pro is still the r... moreProcessor doesn't define everything...

  • AnonD-949291

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020One UI 2.x is not that free from blotware either, much wors... moredoesn't have that much bloatware if you call apps like Amazon or Facebook a bloatware u can Uninstall it unlike constant ad pop up in Chinese ui

  • AnonD-949291

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020just stop ur obsession with damning chinese companies. the... moreStop sucking up to Chinese selling privacy

  • Anonymous

Another trash from Sammy. Good luck. K20 Pro is still the real king. Although SD765G on OnePlus Nord has 5G capability, it will never surpass SD855 phones even though it has only 4G. Flagships are always flagships.

IpsDisplay, 10 Sep 2020Lol "very powerful" Snapdragon 730 Lol Oh I'm sorry you can't play pubg on 60 frames with it. Just 59, what a shame. Very underpowered
This is a complete step up for samsung. At these prices ,with this amoled, it used to put a cpu slower than a 665
This is not your ordinary samsung midranger
Understand that or I ain't talking to you anymore

Andreidinutu, 10 Sep 2020I don't know why you all see it as overpriced, as it h... moreLol "very powerful" Snapdragon 730