Realme Narzo 20 series is coming on September 21 with Dart Charging and big battery

14 September 2020
The lineup includes three smartphones.

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  • Dobre
  • 3Sq
  • 22 Sep 2020

Yesterday, Realme launched the Narzo 20 series.

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    • Anonymous
    • nbW
    • 15 Sep 2020

    I'd love one of those nazi... narco... narcissism phones or whatever they're called.

      Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020I'm more interested in the energy bars tbh.I tell ya 🤣😅🤣

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        • Anonymous
        • vV5
        • 14 Sep 2020

        Popip, 14 Sep 2020Launching phones are fine but what about e-waste.A single b... moreMay I suggest you smoke signal, oh that carbon foot print, use 2 empty recycled can & a long string...haha

        Human existence is the biggest waste, we should do a mass suicide & save the earth, without human there is no pollution.

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          • Anonymous
          • PZa
          • 14 Sep 2020

          I'm more interested in the energy bars tbh.

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            • Mr. DeadAlive
            • D0b
            • 14 Sep 2020

            this is realme era running & conquering, no wonder because of parent company BBK Electronics.
            But, when it comes to Xiaomi need third party - uncertified OEMs to manufacture the products, which are poor in design & built.
            UI - Both the companies Sucks.

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              • Q79ers
              • 6ch
              • 14 Sep 2020

              From the banner 2 of them must be rebrand realme C12 and realme 7 with different ram and memory.

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                • Popip
                • U{$
                • 14 Sep 2020

                Launching phones are fine but what about e-waste.A single brand is launching atleast 5-6 varients in mid range to lower price point.For now it will not be a problem but in the near future if this continues their will be a huge e-waste

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                  • Anna
                  • u15
                  • 14 Sep 2020

                  Samsung and all these Chinese manufacturers are launching so many new phones with different specifications and price tag every week that later they find it difficult to provide monthly security updates and Android OS updates to all these phones.

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                    • AnonD-949291
                    • Dkx
                    • 14 Sep 2020

                    Since realme launched new mobiles again in a week,guess xiaomi is also coming up with something under its sleeve lol