Honor Watch ES review

13 September 2020
Honor's do-it-all smart band is affordable, capable and goes for days.

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  • john

Amazing review

  • Afzal

Why the hell no one is telling speaker if it have ?

owner from Nov 2020. main problem the screen since it is very sensitive to scratches

  • Abhi

Jay, 10 Dec 2020Something missed here is the watch can make any picture on ... moreYeah, you can do that by using the Huwaei Health App.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020How is 8 day battery life excellent? Amazfit watches have ... moreAre you serious? I had GTS 2 mini and it lasted just 6 days while this one goes for 9 days. GTS 2 mini had claimed 14 days. Even Bip U is so poor on battery.

  • Kunal

Some sites claims it has 4GB internal storage. Is it true? & how to use it?

  • Jay

Something missed here is the watch can make any picture on your phone as a watch face...

  • Optician

Remote camera shutter ?

  • G3R5K

No mention of GPS. I'll assume it's NOT available.

I got this nice band-watch hybrid a week ago.

A detail that should be mentioned is that the cable that comes with it is so extremely stiff, that it twisted itself off when placed for charging flat on a table at normal room temperature. I reshaped the cable slightly with a heat gun, and the problem was gone. (hot water or a hair dryer might have done the trick)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Given the usually high-standards of GSMArena, I don't ... moreif you are that good and precise in evaluating features then why you are here instead of making your own reviews .

Smart watches have become a trend now and it's a good thing that consumers have got more and more options now in the markets. This seems like a solid option and its not too expensive either

Let's strech it so no one will notice.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020Why is this not called the Mate Watch?Cuz it doesnt have mating capabilities

  • Anonymous

Why is this not called the Mate Watch?

  • Anonymous

How is 8 day battery life excellent?
Amazfit watches have the same functionality and can last 3 weeks between charges with the same features turned on.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Given the usually high-standards of GSMArena, I don't understand these reviews of fitness tracking devices when GSMArena is clearly not set up for proper reviews.

Just like with the Huawei watches, Honor packs features, but the accuracy comes up short in real reviews. So, while this seems like a good value compared to a Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, or the Apple Watch, it is not. The sensors and the algorithms used are substandard and the data provided during strenuous exercise is totally inaccurate.

Either do proper reviews of fitness tracking or just stick to the smartwatch features. Otherwise, these are misleading.

You could have reviewed the sleep tracking! If it accurately detects the REM, light and deep sleep states. And if the smart alarm (wakes you up at a set period, but not during the deep sleep) actually works, because it doesn't on Honor Band 5.

I like these kind of review (Wearables and accessories, not related to the brand).

Keep up :-)