Nvidia acquires Arm in $40 billion deal

14 September 2020
Arm will retain its neutral and open licensing model with its array of established partners.

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  • cyber
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  • 14 Sep 2020

huawei just take the biggest hit ever,sonn they will made only pots and pans

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    • Anonymous
    • nfy
    • 14 Sep 2020

    Enjoy smartphone prices go up endlessly now. No competition against ARM...

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      • Anonymous
      • phr
      • 14 Sep 2020

      Apple hates Nvidia! Goodbye ARM..Hello RISC-V

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        • AnonD-945200
        • Dk@
        • 14 Sep 2020

        us companies conquering the world 😐
        trump would be very happy

          [deleted post]Huawei is safe don't worry. They are going to get over it

            We love you nvidia

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              • Adul Al Salami Kebab
              • nrX
              • 14 Sep 2020

              Now we can have ARM powered Nvidia laptops with GeForce graphics? Yay, worst part of this deal is less tech companies in the world... Also I do not trust Nvidia to make a fair deal to licence this to others, not to mention it now is under US control makes the situation with companies like Huawei & ZTE looking grim.

                When ARM is in US's hand, the US government will decide who can have access to it.
                This is bad news for everyone in the world.

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                  • seo
                  • Ibx
                  • 14 Sep 2020

                  Now Arm is in US company. What will the future be for huwee?

                    Last I heard the current parent company was still in progress when it comes to selling of the company to NVIDIA.