Realme C17 major leak confirms key specs

14 September 2020
It will pack a 90Hz display, quad cameras and a 5,000 mAh battery.

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  • Nazmul Hassan

chipset is not good. minimum g70 +FHD dispaly its complete packeg

  • AnonD-935752

just wait for next year phone i stick to my old phone still usable..

5G next year more cheaper phones. now they release alot stupid phones just to gain profit and the slavery buyers has no idea..

Alex 94, 14 Sep 2020If is only for that, it's enough. Phone will be more f... moreDon't expect a good experience with this either

  • Anonymous

more than real notification led light ?????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

It will be fine, SD 460 is more or less SD 632/636/660 with 4xA73 only with lower clock speed plus it will only driving a HD screen. 90 Hz is more than possible.

Nice to see mostly smart comments, questioning the usability of 90Hz display along with SD 460, having high 6GB RAM, all the while having low resolution HD display with basic cameras. I agree with others that the specs of this phone does not make any sense whatsoever. 60Hz display, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory keeping everything else same AND a proportionate reduction in price would have made much more sense.

LG Superfan, 14 Sep 202090bz might be only for scrolling through system appsIf is only for that, it's enough. Phone will be more fluid, but I wonder how good this 460 is, cause many people had bad experience and myself with 450.

Andreidinutu, 14 Sep 2020Let me rewrite your question:"the sd 460 has support f... more90bz might be only for scrolling through system apps

Confusing specs. 6gb ram, 128gb rom, 90hz display, 5000mah battery are all good things. But putting these with a sd 460, 720p display and low-end camera system is really confusing.

Maybe Realme is trying to get customers who will see the ads that it has big battery, ram and high refresh rate and get sold by it.

LG Superfan, 14 Sep 2020Can SD460 handle 90hz displayLet me rewrite your question:"the sd 460 has support for 90hz in it's specs, but doesn't it crap on itself when it goes over 30?"

Can SD460 handle 90hz display

  • Anonymous

Oppo a52

It's a rebranded c15, but it's got the benefit of 90hz.
Realme is really pushing the 90hz thing

smoother than ever