Watch the LG Wing announcement live here

14 September 2020
Get ready for LG's first swiveling smartphone.

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after my recent encounter with the LG G8X ThinQ, I am excited for what LG is about to launch now. The LG Wing sounds cool

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    • Abu bakr
    • 2AY
    • 15 Sep 2020

    lg rockxxxxxxxxxxxx again

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      • Ayaan Goswami
      • gNT
      • 15 Sep 2020

      LG has been delivering some really neat phones in terms of display. This looks so cool and unique. I hope its equally practical as well.

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        • Anonymous
        • sxr
        • 15 Sep 2020

        How much?

          So cool looking 🙂

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            • Gboy
            • ibX
            • 14 Sep 2020

            Damn nice 😍

              Abhinavjangir0201, 14 Sep 2020Does it have under the screen selfie camera??It has a pop-up module

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                • ob
                • wra
                • 14 Sep 2020

                Foldable is still new design but this is shockingly come with just few leaks and it just different.

                  Does it have under the screen selfie camera??

                    So rare to see devices designed particular for left handed people!

                    You see all the examples people operating it with their left hand while holding it in the right hand....

                    Unfortunately for LG the majority of people are right handed, I wonder if they will consider releasing a right handed version too?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • PZa
                      • 14 Sep 2020

                      This phone is awesome because it swivels. Not many phones swivel these days.

                        Ahh I'm busy right then